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MS Excel is just one software programs that is manufactured as well as developed by MS Corporation that let the users calculate, format, and arrange data by using formulas in a spreadsheets. Spreadsheet is a type of system that’s broken up by columns or rows. MS Excel is well-matched with other application product sets offered by the Microsoft Company. Multiplan is first mere soft programs similar to Microsoft Excel. First software released was in 1982.

Software programs are organized info through the structures of programs, operating systems, utilities and application that let the personal computer work. It’s written and organized by computer programmer with right and important code and instruction in various exceptional languages of computers. It includes licensing requirements and agreements as well. Software program documentation has complete information on limitations, design details, features as well as capabilities of application software or system. Software manual comes along with printed documents or added software part on Disk as well.

MS Excel software programs are spreadsheet tools that have the ability to carry out calculations, integrate info through any kind programs and analyze data. It is comprise of organizational bodies known as work books. Standard workbook comprises of work sheets or chart sheets. Work sheet or spread sheets carry out data storing and organizing, calculations, presenting graphics and control like web page. Therefore, it’ considered flexible since it includes million of cells.  The cell is accountable for keeping formula that functions to compute and communicate some other applications like database. Spread sheets present and accumulate data as well. Worksheets or spreadsheets are typically employed in engineering as well as business calculation along with some arithmetic functions. MS Excel has several uses in terms of business and engineering. An application of Visual Basic is the key force and the language for powerful programming behind the capabilities of MS Excel. These are the following uses of Excel in business as well as in engineering.

  • Problem optimization utilizing the crystal ball and solver
  • Software design
  • Model and team integration
  • Quick charting and analysis
  • Automated generation report
  • Advanced modeling and numerical simulation
  • Data analysis and sorting
  • Information control and command
  • Constraint project monitoring
  • Database control and communication
  • Integration of real time to different applications
  • Multiple programming for language with C code or DLL and Fortran

Most company time and funds are not invested through the development of software tools from its progress within computer languages with the functions of the MS Excel. Companies consequently use the computer languages by maintaining the large population of staffs due to its succession. The programmers often use Microsoft Excel function and formulas and one functions is UPPER function.

Conversion of the Uppercase into Lowercase:

With conversion, utilize Excel lower function converting the entire uppercase letters into lowercase letters within the text string. The function is located within the Text category in the dialog box of the Insert Function. For instance, uppercase text – CLYDE E. WASHINGTON; the function formula will be – “LOWER(A1) that resulted to – clyde e.washington.

Using the Excel Upper Function:

The upper function in MS Excel converts the precise text to the uppercase. It automatically returns the specific text with lowercase letters replaced by the equivalent uppercase result. Uppercase character or without equivalent uppercase changes.


  • Study the upper syntax – “UPPER(test_text)”
  • Identify “test_text” like the potential conversion of text to the upper case. It could be a string or a reference.
  • Proper and lower functions are similar when you compare it with the upper function. Proper switches the first mere letter of every word to the upper case. If possible, the user must have to capitalize the first string character like each of the letter following a character, which is not merely letter.
  • Study and learn several of the basic and simple examples for the proper use of the UPPER function. For example: UPPER (“456789”) = 456789. Notice that character has no equivalent uppercase, therefore, no changes are to be made. UPPER(“TEXT TEST”) = TEXT TEST. There are no needed changes since the text is already in uppercase. UPPER(“text test”) = TEXT TEST. Each of the letters is converted into uppercase.
  • Examine and observe several uses of the Upper function in Excel on cells that have mixed text like B2 = “Upper Test Case” and C2 = “Def456”. Thus, the UPPER(B2) is the mixture of cases showing each evaluated character separately and thus if needed, it is converted to the uppercase. In the case of UPPER(C2) = DEF456, wherein ‘e’ and ‘f’ are capitalized although numbers are not affected by the UPPER function.

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