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How To Protect A Worksheet And A Workbook

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Microsoft company reorganized large portion of Microsoft excel when they launched 2007 version. This helps in the usage of computer memory in an effective manner. You can also perform lot of calculation by entering values in the excel spreadsheet. Excel worksheet offers many advantages to the user. It is alike a workbook where you can enter, edit and save all your work.

There is no option in Microsoft excel that allows you to save or create functionality into database with excel data. All Microsoft excel versions can be run in all computers with little storage memory. However, in order to export a worksheet from one Excel workbook to a brand new workbook. You might need to purchase excel memory. One of the most important thing is to protect your Microsoft excel, access and other spreadsheets. This will prevent other users to add any irrelevant material or to delete your material from excel work sheet and from other workbooks. It is also essential that not all users should be able to unprotect or unlock the workbook programmatically. The best option is to lock your document by a password. You can set a password so that a user cannot move or change your sheets around. In addition, you can also set password to protect workbook’s windows.

One way to name and protect a workbook is writing workbook, then put a dot and write sheet name. The name can be in 8-bit format and in Unicode format. You can read that and make necessary adjustments in your excel and other workbooks. The method for creating new cells is more or less like the same that you use in creating rows. You can also make a personal workbook. When you open the excel sheet, you should save the personal macro workbook that opens with the excel sheet. It can cause lot of trouble for your hardware if the macro is not right. Once the macro has been created in your computer, store the personal excel worksheet in the macro. Macro recorder can format the text that you have entered in the excel sheet and make the text bold and highlighted. When you will open the excel spreadsheet again, personal notebook will not appear because it is hidden now in macro workbook. For opening the personal notebook, you need to follow a different method. The source of spreadsheet should be trustworthy. Another option is available on your computers that are called personal.xlsb that allows you copy all of your macro work to a special worksheet. In case, if you are personal workbook is loaded in your computer but you cannot see it because of some error or any other default, you can click personal.xlsb for your assistance.

However, you must also keep in mind that protecting a workbook and worksheet does not stop users from editing cells. In order to protect your confidential data, you must also need to protect your worksheets. To avert a user from by mistake or intentionally changing, affecting, or harming your confidential data from workbook, you need to defend assured worksheet or manual elements by using or not using a password. You can also remove the protection at any time from a worksheet as desirable. The elements of worksheet and workbooks should not be confused with the workbook level password security. The best advantage of using element protection is that it can protect a workbook from all those users who have malicious intentions. It is advisable to protect your whole document and workbooks by using a security password. This makes it easy for authorized users to view your document. Now only authorized users can modify or view data in your worksheets and workbooks. Adding a password to unlock or edit the sheet is optional. After applying only an optimal password does not ensure that all sensitive data is protected. In order to get an optimal security, the best option is to select a workbook with a secure password that will help in safeguarding your data and worksheets from authorized users’ access. You also need to remember your password. This is very essential, as you might need all your confidential information at any time in your working hours. Forgetting a password will waste your time or may lead to serious consequences.