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VARA Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel is one of important application in your computer. It helps you make calculations, graphs, and statistical work easier to handle. However, you have to be familiar with the excel application first and learn its functions to help you with your assignment or workflow. One of the essential functions in Excel is VARA Function. What is VARA Function?

Basic Description:

VARA function computes the estimated variance of population from sets of sample values.

VARA Function Formula:

= VARA (numberone, numbertwo …number_n)

Where, number 1, number2, and …number_n could be a numerical value, reference to the range of cells or the name range of which you like to look for the variance up to thirty data points. VARA function accept logical values if entered directly in the function as argument or if referenced, though it will ignore the other terms not identified as the numerical value.


The arguments which are text that can’t be translated in numerical values or that contains errors would cause the function to return the error value.

VARA function returns the quantity of the difference of population which shows how distributed the data of population is. This can be thought of square of standard deviations as well or more particularly the average squared deviation forms the mean.

When the variance is need to be more precise use the VARP function and then calculate the variance with the application of the whole population of value. [The VARP () functions knowledge base].

Steps on How to Utilize VARA functions:

VARA function estimate variance of population based in the sample and returns the compound variances of the sample. The function isso identical to the VAR except with the VARA accept errors, text as well as logical values. Here are some steps on how you can useVARA functions in Excel.

  • First, you have to learn its syntax of VARA function. It is the VARA (numberone, numbertwo …number_n) where number 1, number 2, and number_n are more than thirty values to stand for population sample.
  • Study valid arguments type for VARA function. It can be of any kinds: logical values, text representation, names or numbers. The text can’t be translated in number for this will causes an error.
  • Names could be in a forms of array or in a form of reference that contains number. With this, values on the range or reference which could be translated in number will be use. Empty the cells as well as text values would be ignored.
  • Then, enter logical value and text representatives of number directly in argument list, when you like. Logical value could also be reference which can equal to true / false. Argument which contains True assessed as one and arguments which contains false / text assess as zero. Use VARA function when you don’t likesto includes logical value or the text representatives of number in calculations.
  • Compute VARA function as sum of the (value- AVERAGE (number1, number2, …number_n)) ^2/ (n-one) whereas the value is every value in population and n are size of population samples. For instance, VARA (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) = 3.5