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STDEVPA Excel Formula

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Computer is one of the most important devices used by businesses, companies and professionals in performing their everyday transactions and one of the programs usually utilized is Microsoft Excel. With this program, different operations can be performed such as organizing, storing, computation, charting, sorting, and analysis of data and many others. But in order to use the program proficiently, users must learn and understand the different functions that the program has. With all these functions, users could get accurate results. One of the functions that users must learn and understand is STDEVPA function.

STDEVPA Function Description

The function is used to compute for standard deviation according to all the data provided to be arguments, text as well as logical values. The function works just similar with STDEVP function but they differ in some aspects that STDEVPA accept logical values as part of its data population. Standard deviation refers to the difference of the middle 50 percent of the numbers of the entire population from the value of the arithmetic mean.

STDEVPA Function Formula

The function’s formula should be:

=STDEVPA(value1, value2, value3, …..)


value1, value2, value3, ….. – are numbers from 1 to 30 that corresponds to a certain population. The arguments can be supplied as a single array form or reference to set of array rather than values that are separated by commas.

Facts to Note about the STDEVPA Function

There are different facts to be noted in order to use the program successfully and to avoid errors while using the function. The details that users need to be aware of are:

  • The function assumes that the arguments are the complete population. Once the data represents sample of population, it is recommended toutilize the STDEVA function for the computation instead of STDEVPA function.
  • Argument that has TRUE value is calculated having the value of 1 and FALSE is computed having the value of 0. Once there is no logical value or text included, it is much better to utilize the STDEVP function.
  • On huge sizes of sample, STDEVOA and STDEVA provide similar answer.
  • Standard deviation is solved through the use of “n” or “biased” method.

Example for STDEVPA Function

To have a better understanding on how the function works and how to utilize the function, look at the example below. Moreover, by going through the example, any person can learn how to solve its standard deviation by utilizing Microsoft Excel.

There were 4 units of equipment that was made from similar machines containing different levels of strength such as 1213, 1415, 1516 and 1617. From the given data, compute for standard deviation of total strength.

From the given problem, do the following procedures to compute for standard deviation using Excel.

  • Enter all the given data from the problem in an empty worksheet.
  • After entering all the required data, click on a blank cell from the spreadsheet. This is where the answer will appear.
  • In the chosen cell, enter the formula of the STDEVPA function.
  • To supply all the required arguments, click the cell where the values are located.
  • After supplying all the needed values, press “Enter”.
  • The answer will appear in the selected cell which is 149.381.