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IMCOS Excel Formula

Microsoft Excel Formula Development:

The development of Microsoft Excel formula in any of the Excel version can use the twenty-one signs such as =, -, +, # and many more plus the numbers of functions. Microsoft Excel versions of 1997 up to 2006 offers 329 functions and 5 new functions are added in Microsoft Excel 2007. Excel for all versions have 334 functions generally.

Microsoft Excel has its basic and essential features of the entire spreadsheet that uses the cell grids arranged in columns for letter-named and numbered rows organizing manipulations for data such as arithmetic operations. It has billions of supplied functions answering all the queries for engineering, statistical and financial needs. Besides, Excel can display and feature data as charts, histograms, line graphs and a limited graphical and three-dimensional display. Microsoft Office Excel defined as the electronic spreadsheet program used for manipulating, storing, calculating, analyzing and organizing data.

Microsoft Excel is the most helpful program in order to obtain an organized and well manageable data. It is difficult to use programs such as Microsoft Excel if you do not know the features and its functions. For beginners who use this software program, you must learn and understand first the Excel features and its functions.

One of the important functions is the IMCOS function in Microsoft Excel wherein it returns cosine of the supplied multifaceted number. The syntax of the IMCOS function is IMCOS(inumber). The argument iNumber considered the complex number. Be reminded that the complex number is stored as “text” in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Once the text string in the a+bj or a+bi format supplied to a single built-in complex number in Excel functions. It is being interpreted as the complex number. It accepts easy numeric value, which is equivalent to the complex number whose “imaginary coefficient” is equal to zero.

Therefore, the argument iNumber can supply the IMCOS function in Microsoft Excel. Just like a simple number or complex number encased with quotation marks. Having a reference cell, which contains numeric value or complex number, which is returned from other Excel formula or function?

Common IMCOS function in Microsoft Excel

  • #VALUE! – this occurs when the supplied argument iNumber is not being recognized as the real or imaginary number.
  • #NAME? – this happens when the analysis Toolpak add-in is not enabled in your Microsoft Excel. Thus, if you are to use the Engineering function in Excel, it requires the user to enable the “add-in”.

Here’s how to do in Microsoft Excel 2003:

  • From the drop-down tool menu, choose the Add-ins option.
  • Once the window pops up, choose the analysis toolpak add-in option and hit the button OK.

How to do it in Microsoft Excel 2007 or Microsoft Excel 2010:

  • Hit the button dropdown tools menu over the top left of the spreadsheet then choose the button Excel option
  • From the left side hand menu, choose Add-ins
  • Within the manage box, choose Excel Add-ins then hit the GO button.
  • Once it pops up, choose analysis toolpak option and hit the OK button