SERIESSUM Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel could not only be used for basic mathematical operations. The program can also be utilized in solving major mathematical operation like geometry and trigonometry. Lots of people find it hard to equate or solve trigonometric problem. But through the help of Microsoft Excel, problem solving can be easily resolved and done. All you need is to obtain the needed formula to solve the problems. Once the correct formula is used, outright you can obtain the needed answer for the problem. With this article, you will be able to learn how to effectively use Microsoft Excel in power series problem, which is very common in algebra.

Microsoft Excel Seriessum Function Description

  • Seriessum function converts the sum of power series.

Seriessum Function Formula:



x = the input number for the series of power

n = the first power where x is to be increased

m = is the size of the step which n should be raised by on every succeeding x power.

Coefficient – ranges of coefficient which multiplies every succeeding x power. The value in coefficient tells the number of expressions in power series. For instance, when coefficient has three values, therefore there should be three expressions in power series.

Seriessum Function Examples:

Example 1:

The power series is equals to: 6? + 6?+ 6?+ 6? + 6?

The formula for this should be: =SERIESSUM(6,1,1,{1,1,1,1,1})

The result is = 9300

Example 2:

The power series is equals to: 1 * 3? + 2 * 3?+ 3 * 3?+ 4 * 3? + 5 * 39

The formula for this should be: =SERIESSUM(3,1,2,{1,2,3,4,5})

The result is: 107949

Once incorrect formula is keyed in, an error is obtained. Here are some of the common errors acquired that prompts excel:

  • #VALUE! – This error happens when any of the written value is not numeric.

For instance, =SERIESSUM(“some text”,2,3{1,2,3,4}) = #VALUE!

  • #NAME? – This shows up once the Excel Analysis ToolPak Add-In is disabled on Excel program. To effective use Seriessum function, the Add-in should be enabled.

At present, the most commonly used Excel program is 2003 and 2007. Though they accept the same formula or syntax for Seriessum function the two programs functions differently. So, in enabling the Add-in, the two contains different procedures.

From the Tools menu of the tool bar, opt for Add-Ins

Automatically Add-ins window will appear. From the window click the Analysis ToolPak and then click OK.

Click the button Microsoft located at the left side of the worksheet and choose the button Excel Options.

On left side, from the menu, choose Add-Ins.

On the Manage box, opt for Excel Add-Ins and then click Go.

The Add-Ins window is displayed. Choose Analysis ToolPak and then click OK.

Seriessum function is very essential in solving math problems particularly in algebra. It is necessary that you know how to formulate to make sure to come up with the correct answer. It is also vital that all the required programs are enabled to ensure that the keyed in formula are acceptable and read by Excel to generate the operation and give the correct and needed answer.

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