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Over the past years, Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet program which is associated with the MS Office suites. This software application is used to create spreadsheets and workbooks featuring built-in mathematical functions. Moreover, spreadsheet data are used to make instant graphs and charts. In addition, the Microsoft users can also create tables for database, which are to be filtered and sorted when necessary. It has been a software application program that provides immense use to any accounting and office works.

In 1985, the first version of Excel was released for the Macintosh computers. Microsoft computer users are able to finally download the program in 1987. At present, Microsoft Excel is already available with each Microsoft Office Suite version. Microsoft Excel files are considered as workbooks comprising of three spreadsheets or worksheets by default. Moreover, these spreadsheet pages contain grid lines which make it easier to view and enter number and another data. Microsoft Excel features hundreds of helpful tools, which are available on toolbars of earlier versions of the said software application program. These helpful tools in Microsoft Excel include chart or graph formatting options, chart wizard, auto-calculations and many more.


In addition, Microsoft Excel features hundreds of popular helpful tools, appearances as well as shortcuts to other Windows and Office applications. Thus, Microsoft Excel provides numerous free templates that can be used. While Microsoft Excel is considered as a “highly-functional” software program, it has a fun side that Excel users must know. It is said that there are varieties of games, which are available to download and the users can enjoy using this practical software application.

In addition, Microsoft has essential and basic features in the entire spreadsheet, which uses the cell grids that are arranged in numbered rows and letter-named columns enabling the users to organize such manipulations of data including arithmetic operations. Additionally, it has billions of significant and supplied functions which answer all the queries in engineering, statistical and financial needs. Besides, Microsoft Excel can display and feature data as charts, histograms, line graphs and a limited graphical and three-dimensional display. That’s why Microsoft Office Excel is defined as an electronic spreadsheet program that is used for manipulating, storing, calculating, formatting, analyzing, deleting, adding and organizing data.

Microsoft Excel is the most helpful program in order to have a well manageable and organized data. In addition, it is merely difficult to use programs such as Microsoft Excel if you do not know the features and its functions. For the beginners of this software program, you must learn and understand first the Microsoft Excel features and its essential functions.

Microsoft Excel also allows Excel users to manipulate and input certain data within a series of cells or the blank cells. In addition, the data are moved around the spreadsheet and the blank fields can have the chance to change their appearance in finding patterns or to just highlight the data’s sections.

Before anything else, the Excel users must learn the basics in formulating any function and formula. One of these Excel functions is the SECOND function. In Microsoft Excel, this SECOND function returns back the second of the time value. Thus, the result of SECOND function is an integer 0 to 59. The needed syntax for this Excel function is ‘SECOND (serial_number)’.

Serial_number is known as the time containing the seconds that the user wanted to find. In addition, times are entered as text string enclosed in quotation marks.

This SECOND function establishes the number or amount of seconds within a given time value which returns a certain integer that ranges from 0-59 inclusively. Every given fractional value of its second value should be truncated.

Here are some basic instructions about SECOND:

  • Study the syntax of this function. Wherein, the serial number symbolizes the time which you desire of finding the second value.
  • Examine the means that excel stores the dates internally. This is a serial number in which the integer section represents the figure or number of the days starting the default date.
  • Provide the serial number of the SECOND function since the end result of one more function or formula like TIMEVALUE.
  • Learn a simple pattern for SECOND.
  • Look at the example given for SECOND which utilizes the decimal fraction.


Microsoft Excel for Macintosh and Windows use various date systems as their default. Thus, the time values are considered as part of the date value and it is being represented using a decimal number.

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