RIGHT, RIGHTB Excel Formula

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There are a lot of functions in Excel that will allow the user to import or copy data in a spreadsheet. Sometimes, not needed data can be included. The RIGHT function on Excel helps in removing data not needed located on the left side of the right data. Same with the RIGHTB function, however it changes the characters basin on the number of bytes specified in the syntax.

Remember that the RIGHT function is for the languages that have characters which uses the single-byte. This function always counts every character as one, may it be in single-byte or double-byte. Likewise, the RIGHTB function is for the languages with the double-byte character. This function will count every character as 2 when the editing of the language supports DBCS which will make it as a default language. These languages are Japanese, simplified and traditional Chinese, and Korean

The syntax or the succession of arguments for this function is =RIGHT(Text,Num_chars). The text here refers to the data you would want to change which will also be the cell reference where the data is inputted. The Num_chars refers to the number of characters or variables which will be returned form the specific Number.  

The RIGHTB(Text,Num_bytes) can also be used. Wherein, the Num_bytes identifies or represent the number of characters or variables you would want to extract basin on its bytes.

Remember that the Num_chars must always be a positive numerical figure and can still be equal to zero. The RIHT function will return all the text if the Num_chars is higher than the length of the text. You can omit or leave the Num_chars blank if you assume that it is equal to 1.

An example function can be first done by opening an Excel worksheet or spreadsheet. In the A1 cell input the data #123. After inputting the data, click on the B1 cell on your spreadsheet where the function will be placed or located. Find the Formulas tab on the ribbon menu and select it. For the drop down list to appear, click on Text on the ribbon. To bring the function dialogue box down, click on the list RIGHT from the selection. Select or click on the A2 cell on your spreadsheet. Now, click on the Num_chars on the line and enter the number three. This will allow you to keep the three right characters of your data. The characters will appear on the B1 cell. The function will appear on the B1 cell when you click it and it will appear on the formula bar.

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