ODDFPRICE Excel Formula

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Most people appreciate the essence that Microsoft played in ensuring the work are simplified and carried in the harmonious way that looks to improve workflow. It doesn’t matter when one is individual or corporate, you shall agree that the Microsoft office is a great help to all. We have a lot of versions for Microsoft Excel but none wins the new Excel. It is simply described as spectacular as it has been capable to change and improve work flow process. What’s better is that the company developed a training manual that will help the user to learn about Excel function, you can use the Help Option as well as it normally informative. Several people often get stuck when the product function that comes out with the manual. It is essential for the user to learn each function in Excel, so they can easily get use to it and works well in spreadsheet.

Number of companies organizes training classes which help the workers and professionals on how they can use the Excel function to fill data. Most training materials often use demonstrated sample with the use of screen shots. It has made easy for them to learn each function in Excel and the procedures to be carried out. Without these manuals, it will be hard for them to use and learn the new excel functions to optimize the workflow process. And now, here is one of the Excel functions that you will learn.

Excel Oddfprice Function Descriptions:

Excel Oddfprice Function computes the prices, per 100 dollars face value of the security with odd long or short first period.


= ODDFPRICE (settlement, maturity, issue, first_coupon, rate, yld, redemption, frequency, [basis])

The argument is as follows:

Settlement                 -it is the security date

Maturity             -it is the maturity security date

Issue                 -issue date of security

First_coupon       – it is the security’s first coupon date

Rate                  – first rate of security

Yld                    – annual yield  of security

Redemption                -security’s redemption values per 100 dollar face value

Frequency          -number of coupons payment each year. It should be the following:


    •                                 Annually
    •                                 Semi annually
    •                                 quarterly

[Basis]               -it is an optional integer argument that specifies financial day count that is used by security.


You have to know that the date of argument should gratify and convince the following:

= Issue < settlement < first_coupon < maturity

And also, the settlement, maturity, the issue, and the first coupon argument must be entered in the function either be:

  • Reference to cell that contains dates, or Date returned from the formulas


In case you try to enter the date of argument as text, this can be misapprehended, depending upon the date system and the date interpretation setting in the computer. However, if you can easily enter the date directly as the serial number, it is not advisable as date serial number varies across various computer systems.

Those are the things that you have to know and learn in terms of the Oddfprice Functions. You can browse Microsoft sites to learn more about the other Excel functions.

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