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Microsoft Excel 2010 is now possible to manage, share information and analyze data that helps make better and smarter decisions. New visualization and analysis tools assist in highlighting and tracking significant sets of data. You can easily access some important data from various Smartphone or web browsers. In addition, you can upload files to the web with added data using the internet. Microsoft Excel 2010 will give you more flexibility and efficiency in accomplishing your goals.

Delivering Effective and Fast Comparisons

Microsoft Excel 2010 delivers new features and tools, which is more powerful helping you to discover trends or patterns. This leads to more reliable and informative results. In addition, it improves one’s ability in analyzing huge sets of data.

  • Getting visual data summary through the time charts which fits in the cell of your information content containing the latest Sparklines.
  • It quickly filter huge amount of complete information through new Slicer functionality. Thus, it allows enhancing the PivotChart and PivotTable visual analysis.

Accessing Your Workbooks Anywhere and Any time

You can now access certain workbooks by taking the enjoyable experience in using the Microsoft Excel 2010.

  • Microsoft Excel Web Application – it is virtually edited anywhere.
  • Microsoft Excel Mobile – it directly recalculates and updates the Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Now that you have recognized the benefits and features of Microsoft Excel, it’s time to discuss the functions and formulas of the Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel contains hundreds of versatile functions and formulas where it is utilized to calculate, manipulate, format, delete, insert, analyze, and formulate mathematical functions. One of these functions which is being utilized in creating spreadsheets is the NOW function. NOW function in Microsoft Excel is returning the said serial number of certain present time and date. Thus, if the said cell format was said to be General right before NOW function is entered then the result is formatted as the DATE. The syntax for the function NOW is ‘NOW()’.

Getting Powerful Analysis Right from the Computer Desktop

The 2010 Microsoft Excel’s performance and alteration development creates a faster and easier way of accomplishing work.

  • Using the search filter can narrow down the filter options within your PivotChart and PivotTable views.
  • In Excel 2010, PowerPivot is considered a free add-ins, letting the user to experience the quick manipulation of your huge sets of data and the integration of the streamlined data. Moreover, the user doesn’t have to make an effort in sharing their analysis using the 2010 SharePoint Server.
  • Work having the immense quantity of information of over 2 gigabytes. Thus, it maximizes the existing and the latest hardware investments through the Microsoft Office 64-bit version.

Simplifying Work and Increasing Productivity

It is easier to manage and create the workbooks when you are using the most advanced software program.

  • It recovers any unsaved files versions, which you have closed even without saving. One of the features of this software is the recovery version feature, which is merely found on the backstage view of Microsoft Excel. Moreover, backstage view replaces any conventional menu file within the entire 2010 office applications in providing an organized and centralized space for the management workbook tasks.
  • It also customized ribbon in making the necessary commands more accessible. Having control with your Excel 2010, you have to create customized built-in tabs or custom tabs.

Collapsing Barriers and Working Mutually in Innovative Ways

Microsoft Excel 2010 has the ability to enable most of the users in working together on their workbooks and improving their work quality.

  • Now, the user can work on a similar workbook in most of the Web browsers using the Excel’s Web Application.
  • The company’s corporate users running SharePoint 2010 Foundation can use this NOW function inside their firewall.
  • Having a small company, you can easily use it through the Windows Live ID and at the same time, you can do workbooks with the other users.


  • Excel application stores dates as chronological serial numbers in order to utilize it in any calculations.
  • With the right numbers of the said decimal point, the said serial number is representing the time and on its left side number, it represents the date.
  • NOW function in Microsoft Excel changes when the macro containing the said function NOW run or the spreadsheet is being calculated. However, it is not being continuously updated.

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