MOD Excel Formula

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Excel Math Functions are pre-installed functions that usually help in computing basic math and trigonometric calculations. Most of these functions are present in all Microsoft system.

One of the Basic Mathematical Function in Excel is the MOD function. The remainder in a division process between two numerical values is returned. The syntax of the MOD function is MOD(number,divisor). The argument number in the syntax represents the numerical value which will be divided. Also, the divisor argument in the syntax will be the numerical value that will divide the given number.

The number argument and the divisor argument can be in a simple number, a source cell that contains the simple number, or can also be the returned values from an Excel formula or Excel function.

As an example, open a blank Excel spreadsheet and on cell C1 input the formula =MOD(6,4) and the result will be 2. On cell A2 input the numerical value 6 and on cell B2 input the numerical value 2.5. Now, on cell C3 input the formula =MOD(A2,B2) and the result will be 1. This is an example of a source cell which contains the values.

The most common error in this function is the #DIV/0! error which means that the divisor argument has the value of 0.

For you to change views from the results to the formulas you can hit Ctrl+` (grave accent). Also, you can do the shifting of viewing through the Formulas tab and on the Formula Auditing hit the Show Formulas.

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