MINVERSE Excel Formula

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 Excel has been used for certain computations and is very helpful in shortening formulas for specific computations. These are called Excel Functions and one of the few is the Excel Math and Trigonometry Function.

This function has a variety of mathematical calculations you can use such as the Matrix function. And under the Matrix function is the MINVERSE function. This function helps you compute the inverse the matrix of an array. The syntax of the MINVERSE function is MINVERSE (array).The argument array in the function is represented by a square matrix which contains the equal number of columns and rows.

Take heed that the function must be inputted as an Array Formula wherein you must first highlight the cells for the result of the function. After highlighting, input the range of the cells and hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter. The proximity of the result is up to 16 decimal places only therefore there will be instances that the result may be rounded up.

Try the function by opening a blank spreadsheet and on the following example we will find out the inverse answer for the 4×4 matrix.

Input the value 1 on cell A1, 4 in cell B1, 1 in cell C1, and 1 in cell D1. On the second row, input the value 1 in cell A2, 4 in cell B2, 0 in cell C2, and 1 in cell D2. For the third row, input the value 2 in cell A3, 3 in cell B3, 1 in cell C3, and 2 in cell D3. Lastly, for the fourth row input the value 3 in cell A4, 2 in cell B4, 6 in cell C4, and 4 in cell D4.

Highlight the cell F1-G1, F2-G2, F3-G3, and F4-G4 and in these cells the results will appear. Input the function = MINVERSE (A1:D4) on the rule bar and the result will be as follows. On cell F1 the result would be 3.2, cell G1 the result is -4.8, cell H1 the result is 2.8, and on cell I1 the result is -1. For the second row, F2 has a result of 0.2, G2 has a result of 0.2, H2 has a result of -0.2, and I2 has a result of 0. For the third row, the result is 1 for F3, -1 for G3, 0 for H3, and 0 for I3. Lastly, the result for the fourth row is -4 for F4, 5 for G4, -2 for H4, and 1 for I4. These results are as follows with the given numerical value in the first four columns and rows.

The common errors for the MINVERSE function is the #N/A, #NUM!, and #VALUE!. The #NUM! Error happens if there is no inverse for the given matrix or it is a singular matrix. The #N/A error occurs in cell which is not included in the given range in the function. Lastly, the #VALUE! Occur when the given array argument is blank or the values on it are not contain numbers. Also, this error will happen if the given array has unequal rows and columns.

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