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At present, Microsoft programs are one of the most useful applications which are utilized by a lot of users. Through this program, office works are done easily. However, among the Microsoft programs, Excel is the most often used software tool. The software program allows them to do different tasks such as data encoding, sorting, analyzing, managing and storing. In addition, the software program gives easy mathematical operations to the Excel users. Computations are easily performed through the different functions, which is acquired by the software application. Its functions allow Excel to read and solve certain arithmetic and mathematical operation. Therefore, for those people using this software program as for their computations, it is required to learn and be familiar with the varieties of functions. One of the functions that are typically used is MINUTE function.

MINUTE Function Overview

The function returns value of minutes of the given set of time. The answer for this function is the number that ranges from zero to fifty-nine.

MINUTE Function Formula

The important aspect of the entire mathematical operation is the formula. It is necessary to give the appropriate results using the right and exact formula. Containing all the countless number of Excel functions and formulas used to provide the specific computation which performs within the set of given value. Therefore, to know the minutes of certain time value using MINUTES function the syntax or formula should be:


Wherein, the serial_number argument is value of time containing the minute which the user wishes to determine. The value of time could be entered within the text string form that is inside the quotation marks. It can be in decimal format and it represents the real time or result from other function or formula.

If you are using Microsoft Excel in any Windows versions, 12 o’clock pm saved as 0.5 is considered half of the day. However, if you are using Microsoft Excel in Macintosh then it’s not necessary to worry since it simply uses various time settings. In addition, you must be aware of what type of the computer you are using to avoid errors and to have accurate results.

MINUTE Function Examples

Patterns and examples are immense help to easily understand these functions which is related to the Excel’s spreadsheet. Additionally, MINUTE function could easily be learned and understand by analyzing the function’s examples. In following the pattern and analyzing the given example, you can easily learn and use the function properly. Besides, by going through the given examples anyone could avoid committing errors and mistakes. To know how the function and its formula used in Excel, read the examples below and try to perform them by following the set of instructions.

  • Convert for minute value of time 5:55:55 PM.
  • Change for minute value of time 12:25:54 AM.
  • Compute the return for minute value of time 20:23.

To answer the three given problems using Excel, do the following instructions:

  • Type the given set of time on a new worksheet. Ensure that each time will have corresponding cell on the worksheet.
  • After placing all the given time, click for a blank cell where the answer of the function appears.
  • On the chosen cell, type in “=MINUTE(“.
  • Click for the reference cell where the value is located. For instance, the value is located at A2 cell then click for A2 cell.
  • After placing the needed value, put the closing parenthesis.
  • Press “Enter”
  • On the blank cell of the function, the answer will emerge.
  • For 5:55:55 PM, the answer is 55.
  • In solving the problem 2 and 3, simply repeat the procedures, which is the 3rd step. This is because the entire given values from the problem are readily placed in.
  • After doing all the procedures, the answer for problem two is 25.
  • For problem number three the answer is 23.

In case results of the function is the error #VALUE, the value in the argument is considered as the invalid Excel time. Therefore, when using it you have to verify if the entered value is correct. Make sure that the time setting set by the program of Microsoft Excel recognizes the value of time keyed in. Once the obtained answer is not identical, it only shows that there is an error incurred in inputting the formula or value. So, the user should check and verify these errors.

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