MDETERM Excel Formula

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Excel has become part of the calculating processes for certain fields and as a basic Excel also has Math Functions. These functions allow you to calculate basic mathematical computations which include sums and products, trigonometric ratio, absolute value, determinants and others.

Excel Math Functions is made up of a lot of different functions and one of which is the MDETERM function. This function allows you to compute square matrix of an array.

The syntax of the function is MDETERM(array). In the syntax, the argument array in is represented by a number which is the same numerical value of columns and rows. The array can be a source cell in range such as A3:D3.

As an example, you can try to compute the determinant of a matrix 2×2 and 3×3. For the 2×2 matrix, first open an Excel spreadsheet. On cell A1 input the value 5, on cell B1 input the value 2, on cell A2 input the value 7, and on cell B2 input the value 1. Now, select a blank cell and on it input the function =MDETERM(A1:B2) and the result will be -9.

Another example is for a 3×3 matrix. On the blank spreadsheet input on cell A1 the numeric value 6; on cell B1 the number 4; and on the cell C1 the number 2. Now, on cell A2 input the value 3; on cell B2 input the value 5; and on cell C2 input the value 3. Lastly, on the third row or non cell A3 input the value 2; on cell B3 input the value 3; and on cell C3 input the value 4.

For the function, find a blank cell and input the function =MDETERM(A1:C3) and the result will be 40.

The error #VALUE! will occur on the cell which contains the function if the array contains text or does not contain any numeric value at all. Also, this error can occur if the array argument does not have the same numeric values.

Moreover, the function will be an error if your array argument is more than 73 columns and more than 73 rows.

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