How To Print Tables And Charts in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet program. Chart is one of the most important features of the Excel program. One can adjust the chart according to his or her need. Here, necessary instructions are given to print charts and tables in Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 versions.

In 2007 version, if anyone wants to print a chart including the worksheet data, then he or she should follow the following instructions –

  • Enter into the worksheet where the chart is.
  • Go to the View tab, click on the Page Break Preview or Page Layout from the Workbook Views.
  • Drag the chart on the page where you desire to print.
  • If anyone wants to change the size of the chart, then he can do any of these. He can resize the chart by clicking on the chart and dragging the sizing handles. He can also go to the Format tab and enter the height and width of the chart.
  • To print multiple charts in one page, one can resize the charts.
  • Click on the worksheet, then on the MS Office Button, then on Print. By default, under Print what, active sheets are selected. It will be better to see the preview of the page by clicking on the Preview button.
  • By default, the gridlines will not appear on the printed page. To print the gridlines, go to the Page Layout, then Sheet Options and tick the Print box under the Gridlines.

To print any chart without the worksheet data following steps should be followed –

  • Click on the chart you wish to print.
  • Then click on the MS Office Button, then click Print.
  • To see the preview of the printed page, click on the Preview button.

Setting the page options to print a chart 

  • Click on the Launcher button from the Page Setup on the tab of Page Layout.
  • Now from the Page tab you should select necessary buttons and specify the orientation, print quality, paper size, and page number.

Setting page margins to print a chart 

  • Click on the Margins from the Page Setup which is on Page Layout tab.
  • You can use any predefined margins. To do that click the option that you like.
  • For custom margins, go to the Custom Margins and enter your required sizes in the Right, Left, Bottom, and Top boxes.
  • To set the margins of header and footer, go to the Custom Margins and set the sizes.
  • To view the preview of the printed page click on the Print Preview. Set the margins in the print preview. To do that click on the Show Margins and drag the margin handles.

Setting the print quality 

  • Click on the chart which you need to print.
  • Click on the Launcher from Page Setup which is on Page Layout tab.
  • Select the print quality that you want, view the preview of the printed page by clicking on the Print Preview.
  • Then click on Print to print the chart.

Printing a worksheet in Excel 2010 

  • Click on the desired worksheet.
  • Click on File then click on Print. To use keyboard shortcut you can use CTRL+P. Here you should remember that the preview will be displayed in black & white unless it is configured.
  • By clicking on the Next Page or Previous Page one can preview the relative pages.
  • Do the following for setting the printing options. Select the desired printer by clicking the drop-down box which is under Printer. Select the desired options under Settings. For printing entire worksheet click on the necessary option from the scale options.
  • If anyone is interested to print a certain portion of a worksheet, then the range should be selected. For printing an entire worksheet, just activate the worksheet by clicking it.
  • Then click Print.

Most of the common instructions to print tables and charts in Microsoft Excel are described here. To know more elaborately it is better to visit the Microsoft site. The associated help file can help you to find out necessary instructions to perform a task using Excel. You can get the help files by pressing the F1 key.

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