How To Export A Microsoft Excel Table To Microsoft Word

To write down a document tables can be needed to present data for various purposes. There are powerful features to create tables in Microsoft Word. You can create tables according to your need and insert data in the table. You can format the table according to your need. However, if the data are kept in Excel worksheets, you can use the data in the Word document in various ways. If you feel it is time consuming to create new tables and entering data into the table in the Word document, then you can import the data from the Excel Spreadsheet.

Simple way to export a Microsoft Excel table to Microsoft Word is copy-paste. Open the Excel file then activate the worksheet where the table is. Select the range of data. You can do it by dragging the mouse or pressing the Shift + Arrow keys of the keyboard. After selecting the range or the table copy it by pressing the button from the Clipboard group in the Home tab, or you can use the CTRL + C from the keyboard to copy the selection.

Then open the Word document where you want to set the table. Set the cursor in the position where you want to paste the table. Then click on the Paste button in the Clipboard group. The data will be pasted with the table. To keep link with the source table you should choose the Paste Special from the list that will appear after clicking the down arrow of the Paste button. You can choose any of the option Paste or Paste link. To view the table as a still image select Paste; then select Picture (Enhanced Metafile) or Bitmap from the list. To size the image click on it, then use the mouse pointer to drag the sides of the image.

In many cases, you may need to present the updated excel data in the table. For this the table should be linked with the source file. When a change will be made in the source file, changes will be viewed in the word table also. To do this select the Paste link, then choose the Excel Worksheet Object and click ok. The table will be pasted in the document with the link to the source file. If a change is occurred in the source file, the changes will be viewed in the table. This type of link is very helpful where you will have to work with continuously changeable data. There is another way to do this. Just paste the table by clicking on the Paste button or pressing CTRL + V. There a small icon will appear at the bottom of the table. Click on it and select the option “Keep source formatting and link to excel”. To view as picture select the Paste as Picture option. To make the table more attractive, choose the option “Match destination table style and link to Excel.” Select the table by clicking on the top left symbol of the table. Then click on the Design tab. Then select the table style that you like. There are many lucrative styles in the Design tab. To delete the table, select the table the go to the Layout tab, click on Delete then Delete table. The table with data will be deleted.

You can import the object from the Word also. Open the Word file; then click on the Insert tab. Click on the Object in the Text group. Then click on the Create from File tab. Then click on Browse and select the excel file from where you want to import the table. Double click on the file, the file will be selected. Then check the Link to file check box. Then click ok. The table will be pasted there. If any changes occur in the excel file the changes will be viewed in the Word table also. To view just the link to the source table, check the Display as Icon check box. Then click ok. This will insert an icon in the Word document, by clicking on the icon you can enter into the source file. To know more things about using excel table data, associated help files of the Office software can help you.

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