How To Email A Chart From Inside Microsoft Excel

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Chart is an important feature of the Excel program. A chart can easily represent a group of data which may need hundreds of words if anyone wants to explain it. A chart can be accompanied by related data where necessary or you may want to send just only the chart. In normal emailing system, it is not usual to send a chart or a graph as a message. In many cases, you will have to edit the html code of the email to send a chart or an image as a message.

Microsoft Office programs like MS Excel and MS Word have options to send charts or images including data as messages to the recipient. This option will make your email-sending task easier. Just not only that it will make the task easier but also it will make the message more attractive. If anyone wants to send a chart to his clients, then he should follow the following instructions.

  • Open the Excel file where the chart is. For a new one, open a new Excel file and save it.
  • Write down necessary data in the excel file and create the chart.
  • Resize the chart if you need and set it in proper position where it will be suitable.
  • Now save the file.
  • See the Quick Access toolbar, if there is already the Mail Recipient tool, then ok. If the tool is not there, then click on the drop-down arrow and click on More Commands. Now from the Choose Commands list, choose All Commands and click on it. From the list find out the Send to Mail Recipient and click on add. Then click OK. The Mail Recipient button will be added in the quick access toolbar.
  • Another way to add the Mail Recipient button in the toolbar is through the Office Button. Click on the button then click on Word Options, then click Customize from the left list. Now follow the above process to add the button to the toolbar.
  • Now you should establish the internet connection to send an email to the recipient.
  • Save the file and click on the Mail Recipient button. Computer will start task to establish a connection between your Excel program and the internet through an email account. Set any email account such as with its password. The computer will check the email account; then it will send a sample message to that account.
  • After establishing the connection, start the Microsoft Outlook and follow the instructions as the program prompts. Some buttons will appear on the task bar. The Outlook will be configured with the email account that you entered earlier.
  • Now for convenience and to avoid problems, close all the open programs. Open the Excel program. Establish the internet connection. Select the worksheet where the chart and other necessary data are. Click on the Mail Recipient button from the quick access toolbar.
  • You will be prompted with two options whether you want to send the whole workbook as attachment or to send the sheet as a message. Choose the one which you like, for this time choose As Message and click OK.
  • Mailing layout will appear. In the To box write the email address of the recipient. The program will take the excel book name as the subject of the email. Change the subject if necessary.
  • There is an introduction box; his will appear as the heading of the recipient’s message box. Write down something which will describe the whole message properly.
  • Now the chart and other necessary data are ready for sending to the recipient.
  • Above the To box there is a toolbar. There is a tool Send this Sheet at the left side of the toolbar. Click on the button, the message including the chart will be sent to the recipient.
  • For convenience, test the process by sending an email to your optional email address and check the email box whether the message has been arrived properly.

Following the above instructions anyone can send charts or images to the recipients he wants. To know more about this, search the help files and visit the Microsoft site.

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