How To Creating New Excel Workbook And Storing It To A Network Drive as A Macro Enabled Workbook

Excel sheet is a very useful and beneficial type of workbook. It offers many advantages including the flexibility to make data tables, charts, and graphs. You can also perform lot of calculation by entering values in the excel spreadsheet. Excel worksheet offers many advantages to the user. It is alike a workbook where you can enter, edit and save all your work. It also offers the opportunity to make pie and bar charts at the same time with the same values. Once you open an excel workbook you should immediately save it in the window and then start your work.

You can also make a personal workbook. When you open the excel sheet, you should save the personal macro workbook that opens with the excel sheet. Save the personal, excel workbook in any folder within the window. You should also know the art of using and creating the macro.

Macro is nothing but a useful piece of information that helps excel in making the automatic processes. You should use the macro very carefully. First, try to buy the macro from a trust source. It can cause lot of trouble for your hardware if the macro is not right. Once the macro has been created in your computer, store the personal excel workbook in the macro. It is also necessary to have a tab with the name developer on it. This tab should be in your keyboard. Try to make the tab visible in your excel sheet. After having this tab, you can save the personal workbook in the macro. Macro recorder is also a good option. Macro recorder can format the text that you have entered in the excel sheet and make the text bold and highlighted.

First enter the text in the Cell, and then press developer it will start to record the macro. After recording, click ok. After doing this, press buttons CTRL+B to make the text bold. Bold formatting of the text is also recorded in the macro. After saving the macro, click the tag stop recording on the developer tab. Developer tab is actually present in code group. After this close the entire workbook and excel spreadsheets. A message with the notification of saving the changes will appear. Save all the changes by clicking yes button. Now save the personal notebook. When you will open the excel spreadsheet again, personal notebook will not appear because it is hidden now in macro workbook. For opening the personal notebook, you need to follow a different method.

When word macro is used in Microsoft excel workbook, it simply refers to set of instructions that gives brief information to automate some process within the spreadsheet. It helps you in sorting out or cleans some data from spreadsheet with a single click. It also helps you in performing variety of similar tasks and duties. Macro saves its users’ time and effort but users have to be very careful with the running program of excel and macros. It is always good to verify the source of macro spreadsheet. The source of spreadsheet should be trustworthy. Another option is available on your computers that are called personal.xlsb that allows you copy all of your macro work to a special workbook. The usual thing that happens mostly is that mostly macros only work in workbooks that contain them. For instance, if you create a macro in excel sheet, it will work only in Microsoft excel. It is suitable only in case when you do not need a macro workbook in other formats. However, if you store your excel in a workbook on a particular computer, it is always available and open in that computer in any workbook whenever you start your same computer. In case, if you are personal workbook is loaded in your computer but you cannot see it because of some error or any other default, you can click personal.xlsb for your assistance. All you required is to open a view tab in the window group option and click the option of unhidden. All saved macro data can be edited in your computer by first unhanding the personal workbook. This prevents the accidentally deleting and making of unwanted changes in your excel workbook.

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