How to Create a Pie Chart

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Microsoft Excel offers a lot of variety of charts you can use for your data to be presented easier and less complicated. But the excellent type of chart for you to display data points. It is also easier to distinguish sizes in a pie chart because these sizes are proportionate to the total of the items. It is also needed that in arranging the data on the worksheet must only be one column or row. There are also a lot of thins to be considered when you decide to use a pie chart in plotting data. First is that you must have one series of data to be plotted. Negative values and zero values could not be plotted on a pie chart. Also, a maximum of only seven categories can be plotted and that these seven categories are represented by the different parts on the pie chart.

There are also subtypes of a pie chart from which you can choose from. These types are the pie chart in 3-D, pie of pie charts or bar of pie, and exploded pie which can also be in3-D. The first type of pie chart can display the sizes of the data or values in 2-D or 3-D. Also, you can remove or move parts of the pie manually. You can also choose the pie of pie chart or the bar of pie chart which allows you to present extracted data from the main pie chart. This is very helpful in displaying parcel of the main pie chart for you to easily differentiate the values. The last subtype is the exploded pie chart emphasizes on the values of the individual parts and can also be in3-D. in this subtype, you cannot move the parts of the pie.

In creating a pie chart, first open you worksheet which contains the data you will be using for your pie chart. After opening, select the values you would want to plot or input on the pie chart. Select the Insert tab found on the top pf the workplace. Click on the Charts group and select the Pie. Select on the Pie in 3-D from the 3-D Pie. Now, click on the plot are. The plot area is where the axes, categories, labels, and all the data are located. The Chart Tools shows the selection on the Design, Layout, and Format tabs for the pie chart. Click on the Design tab, after click-on the Chart Layouts group and select the layout you prefer for your pie chart. There are different layouts you can choose from for you pie chart. Also, you can change and choose your design from the Chart Style group. After deciding on the design of your pie chart you can also change its formatting such as its shape styles and effects.

To be able to customize the display of data points on your pie chart first position the primary and secondary charts adjacent to one another. The primary pie chart is located at the left side and is larger than the secondary chart which is located at the right side. In changing the charts, you cannot do it separately because the values or data are interrelated. Also, the lines for connection are automatically connected but you are still allowed to change the default format of the line and even remove it if you like.

To be able to change the data series of the current pie chart first select the data series. Now, click on the Format menu and click-on Selected Data Series and click on the Options tab. To specifically have the data you want to see on the secondary chart select on the Split Series by selection.  If you want to change or adjust the number of data points which is shown on the secondary chart you can select on the Second plot contains the last values box for you to split the position of the series.

If you want to change the size of the secondary chart you can increase or decrease it by selecting the Size of second plot box. Also, you can remove the lines connecting the primary and secondary pie chart in the Series line check box. For you to be able to make the colors of the data points the same, select on the Vary colors by slice check box.

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