How to Change a Chart Type, Once Created

Microsoft offers a variety of commands for you variables or data. On e of this is the creation of graphs from the data you have gathered of imputed. And it is even greater because you can still change the type of graph even right after inputting the data.

In Microsoft, you can still change the type of chart of your current chart for mostly of the 2-D charts available. You can also change and select from the available chart types for a single data series. Let us first see how to change a default chart in Microsoft Graph. To change the default type of chart find on the menu bar the Chart and click on the Chart Type. Now, on the Standard Types tab or on the Custom Types tab and select and click on the type of chart you prefer. You can also create your own chart types or select form the Custom Types tab which contains the present default chart types and the customized types of the charts. After selecting, click on Set as Default Chart and hit Yes.

You can also make use of the chart you have selected and make it as a default chart type. First, find the Chart menu and click on the Chart Type. It will then let you view on the Custom Types tab, select and click on Set As Default Chart and then hit Yes. You can also add a name for your default chart. In the Add Custom Chart Type dialogue box type on the Name box the name of your default chart and also, type a description the Description dialogue box and hit OK.

Also, in Microsoft 2003 you can change the Excel default chart by first point and right-click on the current chart. The list of commands will appear then choose Chart Type from the selection. Now, you can choose from the available chart types and sub types of the charts from the current or available list of charts. After choosing the preferred chart type, click on Set as Default Chart which is found at the bottom of dialogue box of the Chart Type.

In Microsoft Excel 2007, you can still change the current type of your chart instead of doing all over again. First, open your current worksheet that already has the current chart you want to change. After doing so, right-click on the chart that you want to change the type and select on Change Chart Type which will show-up on the center of the workspace. Next, select and click-on chart type you want to set on your current chart. The command is seen on the left side of the dialogue box with the name Change Char Type. After selecting the chart type you prefer it will then be on orange highlights. Hit OK and close the Change Chart Type dialogue box.

Also, you can change the type of chart in mostly of the 2-D charts to give it a new look. You can also do the changes by combining different chart types.  For 3-D charts you are only given the freedom to change the type of chart as a whole.  Also, to change a chart type, you must already have a current chart on an existing file.

Open your existing file with a current or existing chart. Click on the area of your existing chart for the selection of the chart tools to appear. For data series, select and click on the chart type.  Take heed that in changing the chart type of a data series you can only do it once. You can not simultaneously change the chart type of a data series; you have to do the process all over again for each data series.  If you wan to update or change the design of your chart you can click on the Design and on the Type select and click on Change Chart Type.  On the dialogue box of the Change Chart Type select a chart type on the first dialogue box. After, select and click on the subtype which you would prefer to use.  Also, you can use the available templates or if you have saved one you can also use it by clicking on Templates and select the one you want to use.

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