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When it comes to data storing and analyzing, the often-used program is the Microsoft Excel. This is one of the widely used programs made by Microsoft Corporation. The same with other programs, Excel assists users to do their computing task easily. Among all the Microsoft programs, Excel is considered as the most versatile type. Aside from data storing and managing the program, Excel is also a great tool in terms of calculation. Through its numerous functions, arithmetic and mathematical problems are solved easily. Therefore, it is necessary for the users to know and understand all its functions and formulas for having the accessibility to the said software program. This article discussed about one of the most often-used functions namely HOUR function. Through reading this article, you will have the idea on how and when to use the function in the Excel’s spreadsheet.

Description and Formula of HOUR Function

The function gives the hour for a certain value. The result is provided as the number that ranges from zero to twenty-three, which is considered as 12:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M.

Among the entire program of the Microsoft, Excel is the sole that works accordingly to the set of formula. In addition, using HOUR function accurately, the formula or syntax to use should be:



serial_number – it’s the time data containing the hour, which the user wanted to determine. The value for the time might be entered in text string placed inside the quotation marks, let’s says “7:00 PM”. However, if it is in the decimal form, you must have to represent the time and result from other formula or function.

In connection with HOUR function, Excel intended for the Windows and Macintosh, they both utilize dissimilar date systems to be their defaults. Consequently, the values of time are the certain portion of the set date and it is represented by the decimal integer, for instance, 12:00 PM is written as 0.5. The ’0.5′ is considered as the half of the day.

Example of Using HOUR Function

HOUR function is one of the easiest functions of Excel program. However, once it is not suitably used it will result to more inaccurate and complicated result. It is necessary that users should learn and understand the basic information on how to use the Microsoft excel. A certain function could easily be understood once there are examples given. Moreover, through the provided examples, the users will have the courage to use the function in Excel. Keep in mind that you have to obtain correct answers through following the certain procedures.

1.         Compute the hour for 10:40:50 AM

2.         Know the hour for 8:15:25 PM

3.         What is the hour for 17:01?

To determine the hour for the three given problems using the Excel’s HOUR function follow these steps:

  • Open the Microsoft Excel
  • Enter the given set of time on a new empty spreadsheet. Make sure that the three sets of time will have their corresponding cell.
  • In the spreadsheet click for a blank cell that will be the location of the function’s answer.
  • On the chosen cell, enter the correct HOUR function syntax, which is the “=HOUR(serial_number)”.
  • To place the necessary value on the argument, simply click the cell which you desire to determine the hour value. For instance, the given value was placed in A1 cell, and then you have to simply clicked the A1 cell. The syntax formula must appear as “=HOUR(A1)”.
  • Once the required value was already entered, press the “Enter tab”.
  • Immediately, the answer will appear on the chosen cell.
  • For problem number one, the hour for 10:40:50 AM is ten o’clock.
  • To solve for hour of 8:15:25 PM and 17:01 just repeat the procedures starting on procedures number three.
  • The answers are twenty for 8:15:25 PM and 17 for 17:01.

Common Errors

Almost all the users commit mistakes when using the Excel functions, thus, it is just normal to have mistakes especially when you are just beginning to learn the basics of the said program. With HOUR function, the common mistakes or errors acquired and its solutions should be read as follows:

  • Having the incorrect answer – in case you are not able to come up with the same answer just check for the formula of the input value.
  • #VALUE! error – make sure that the input hour are considered valid because Excel will not read it and will not give an accurate result.

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