GROWTH Excel Formula

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One of the frequently used Microsoft program is Microsoft Excel. This application is used to gather and store vital information. Also, this is utilized to manipulate and display numerical facts. The program provides classification of data and the tools of analysis help users to accurately arrange the gathered facts and create graphs or charts through a spreadsheet. To easily utilize the program for calculation, you must have a complete knowledge and familiarity of the excel functions. This is for the reason that the program works on specified formulas. Every function of Excel has corresponding syntax to be used. This article talks about the excel function called GROWTH.

What is GROWTH Function?

The GROWTH function computes the possible exponential growth through a specified grouping of y-values and x-values. This function expands the curve to compute and analyze the additional y-values intended for the advance set of x-values.

What is the GROWTH Function Syntax?

Since Excel is a formula-based program, the right syntax to use in GROWTH function should be:

=GROWTH(known_y’s, known_x’s, new_x’s, const)

Wherein the known arguments are:

  • known_y’s – the set of identified y-values that are utilized to predict and calculate the exponential growth.
  • known_x’s – an optional set of arguments for x-values, that if ever provided, should contain the same length of a set of the known_y’s.
  • new_x’s – these are the new set of x-values wherein the function computes the subsequent new y_values. But if this is omitted, the faction of [new_x’s] is believed to be similar to the identified [known_x’s] and this function computes the y-values that is found on the computed exponential growth curve.
  • const – this is a discretionary logical argument that identifies the constant “b” which is included in the equation y = mx + b, which is required to be the same or equal to a value of 1.

What are the Things to Ponder?

In using the GROWTH function, there are some details that need to be considered to ensure that the program is used efficiently and they are as follows:

  • If the desired answer is in range form, the formula to be keyed in should be in range form too after selecting the right number of cells.
  • Once you enter the constant range for known_x’s argument, use commas to separate the values in similar row and use semicolons to split rows.

How GROWTH Function Works?

For a better understanding of the function, it is important to check and study an example to see how it’s being used. Below are the procedures on how to use the function:

In a blank worksheet, type in the following values from cell A1 to cell A6, the given values are for the known_x’s argument:

  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16

Then key in also the following values from cell B1 to cell B6. The specified values are for the known_y’s arguments:

  • 33,100
  • 47, 300
  • 69, 000
  • 102, 000
  • 150, 000
  • 220, 000

Type in the following values from cell C1 to cell C2, the values is for the new_x’s argument:

  • 17
  • 18

Do the following procedures to compute exponential GROWTH in Microsoft Excel:

  • Type in “=GROWTH(‘
  • Type in comma.
  • Select the range of cells that corresponds to the values of “known_y’s”
  • Type in comma.
  • Select the range of cells that corresponds to the values of “known_x’s”
  • Select the range of cells that contains the value of “new_x’s”.
  • Type in comma.
  • Click for the cell containing the value for the constant.
  • Type in a “closing parenthesis” and then press enter key.
  • The answer for this is 320196.7

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