COMPLEX Excel Formula

When it comes to mathematical operation, one of the commonly used programs is Microsoft Excel. Through this program anyone can easily solve problems and quickly arrange answers with a database form. Because of this, most of the business and companies utilizes this program. For anyone to effectively use this program, a person should learn and be aware of all the functions of this program. Through this article you are able to be acquainted with the Complex Function. Complex Function is one of the useful functions in Microsoft Excel.

What is Complex Function in Microsoft Excel?

Complex function changes the imaginary and real coefficients to complex numbers through x + yi or x + yj. It gets two arguments that represents imaginary and real coefficient of complex numbers and from these, complex number are created.

Complex Function formula:

=COMPLEX(real_num, i_um, suffix)

Where in:

real_num – is the true complex number coefficient

i_num – the complex number imaginary coefficient

suffix – this an optional argument employed to the tell the suffix to utilized. This is identified as complex number imaginary component. Once the suffix is blank, it means that the value of it is assumed the same value with “i”.


The function permits “j” and “i” to be suffix. However, once the uppercase of i and j is used, the result would be error. The entire functions accept 2 or greater complex numbers must have suffixes that match.

Common Mistakes

  • Once real_num is not figure, the result would be #VALUE
  • Once i_num is not figure, the result would be #VALUE
  • Once the suffix is either i or j the result would be #VALUE

Ways to Use Complex Function

  • Install the Analysis ToolPak add in once the Complex function result is #NAME?. From the Tools menu choose the Add-Ins menu, check the box after Analysis ToolPak and then click OK button.
  • From the spreadsheet, write the Complex formula of the formula bar or from the cell. Make sure to always start the function with an equal sign.
  • After entering the correct formula, press enter and the answer will automatically appear on the cell.
  • Once #VALUE appears, there must be error on the formula, so check your formula.

Complex Function Examples

Learning the examples below is determining how the function is used and where it is applicable. Listed below are different ways on how complex function is used.

=COMPLEX(6, 3) – excel convert this to 6+3i

=COMPLEX(4, -9) – excel change this to 4-9i

=COMPLEX(2,8, “j”) – excel alter this to 2+8j

=COMPLEX(8, -45, “I”) – excel convert this to 8-45i

=COMPLEX(0, 7) – excel change this to 7i

=COMPLEX(6, 0) – excel alter this to 6

As what is seen in the example, complex function is fine to use algebraic problems. This function is very helpful for engineering problems. Through complex function, simple values could be easily turned to complex numbers. In order to avoid errors in doing this function, ensure that the formula is right and also the needed programs are enabled in the worksheet. Microsoft excel could be simply used once the user is well knowledgeable about all its functions.

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