CLEAN Excel Formula

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Basic Description

The Excel function has a string of text provided and eliminates every non-printable character. The feature is designed to remove unprintable characters represented by numbers from 0 to 31 from 7-bit ASCII code, which often are in the beginning of the data was imported into Excel from other applications.

The function syntax is: CLEAN (text)

When the argument of “text” can be supplied to the function, either directly as a string returned from another formula, or a reference to a cell that contains text

Examples CLEAN Function

The following example shows the function of Excel Clean used in four different strings of text. In Excel, the clean function eliminates each non-printable character from a string.

The function syntax CLEANING: CLEAN (text)

The text is the value of every single non-printable characters removed.

This applies to:

  •  Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Excel XP, Excel 2000

How to Use the Cleaning Function in Excel?

Excel CLEAN function eradicates the entire non-printable characters from a string. Often used for importing text from other applications those are not compatible with your OS. The following steps show how to use Excel’s CLEAN function

Learn the syntax of Clean. CLEAN (raw_text) where raw_text is not printable character string to be deleted.

Understand the purpose of the CLEAN function. It is originally designed to eliminate the first 32 characters of ASCII text, since these values ??can not be printed. However, the values ??127, 129, 141, 143, 144 and 157 in the Unicode character set without printing too, but not removed for cleaning. Look at a simple example of the CLEAN function. Type = CHAR (6) and “proof text” CHAR (6) in cell A1 and type = Clean (A1) in cell A2. The result in cell A2 is “proof text.” Note the use of CHAR to insert non-printable characters in the sample text and its subsequent withdrawal by Clean.

Study more complex use of the CLEAN function. Combine with Clean to replace all unprintable characters of text. This includes the Unicode character set in step 2, which can cause problems in filtering, searching and sorting.
Use substitute six times first to replace each of the six high-value doe’s not print Unicode characters with one of the first 32 ASCII characters. For example, the first use is as follows: Substitute (raw_text, CHAR (127), CHAR (7)). Then run a cleaning to take out every single non-printable character.

Cleaner is a lightweight graphical complement to Microsoft Excel which can improve the Excel charts in many ways. These various issues as we know the labels have difficult to read, the problems of the size scale of the source, and issues of contrasting color.

Letters clean install by running the graphics clean install.Xls after unpacking the contents of the download to local directory. Excel users to ensure that macros are activated which can be done with one click in Excel 2010. Users of earlier versions of Excel go to Tools> Macro> Security and select medium security.
The template displays the options to install a cleaning card as a complement to uninstall a previously installed version of the supplement or trying to clean up the graphics on the active worksheet

Clean graphics options, a window that is activated each time from within Excel. All options are selected automatically cleaning the option of removing those who do not need or want.

  •  Set the font size
  •  Set the axis labels and scale
  •  3D Secure
  •  Definition of colors
  •  InsuranceMesawaste

The result is a cleaner and professional looking graphics. The Excel add-in is added to the Format menu or the Add-Ins menu, using Excel 2010. Provide options to remove all the cards which are open or just specific graphic displayed on the screen.

Clean graphics can be unprofessional looking Excel charts professionals. Batch mode, allowing the conversion of cards at once, says the conversion will not have to be a tedious process.

The Excel add sometimes has difficulty processing complex graphics. It’s a good idea to have a backup copy of a document prepared in case that despite the setback should be sufficient to return to the previous graph, if something went wrong.

Graphic clean is compatible with Excel 2010, 2007 and 2003. It can be downloaded from the website of the developer. The Excel add-on displays an error message when installed in Excel 2010.

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