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When it comes to databases, one of the best tools that are widely used is Microsoft Excel. This application contains a spreadsheet application wherein the data stored are easy to manage. But aside from storing and administering data, the program is also a great tool for computing certain mathematical operations. However, in order to get accurate results, different functions should be learned and understood. If you are new to Excel, you might not be aware of how the program works using its formulas. So, by knowing the different functions, users could easily utilize Microsoft Excel. In this regards, the article talks about one of the functions known as the CHITEST function which the users should learn and understand.

Description of CHITEST Function

The function is used to test the independence. It returns values from c2 or chi-squared distribution for statistic and appropriate degrees of freedom. The c2 test is utilized to verify a hypothesis through an experiment.

CHITEST Function Syntax

Since, Microsoft Excel is a formula-based application, once it is used in testing independence, the formula to remember is:

=CHITEST(actual_range, expected_range)

Where in:

  • actual_range – refers to the data range containing observed values to be checked against expected values.
  • expected_range – this is the data range containing the product ratio of the total columns and rows to the whole total.

CHITEST Function Key Notes

There are certain facts that users must take note in order to use the function effectively and for them to get accurate results. Listed below are the details that users should ponder when using the CHITEST function:

  • Once the value of expected_range and actual_range acquire diverse data point numbers, then the outcome of the function is equal to #N/A.
  • The c2 low value is the sign of independence of the problem. Users must understand that the value of c2 is always or equal to zero, but it will be equal to zero if the value of actual_range and expected_range are equal for each row and column.
  • CHITEST answers the probability that the c2 statistic value is as high as the calculated value which could happen by probability below the independence assumption.
  • CHITEST function is best to use once the value of expected_range is not that small. There are some statisticians who recommend that expected_range should be greater than or equal to 5.

CHITEST Function Example

Looking at the example below could aid you or any user to learn and understand the function thoroughly. The example below is determining the chi-square test for independence of men and women.

The values for Actual Men are as follows:

60 – agree

20 – disagree

15 – neutral

On the other hand, the values of Actual Women are:

50 – agree

24 – disagree

20 – neutral

The values for Expected Men are as follows:

50.5 – agree

16.75 – disagree

13.20 – neutral

On the other hand, the values of Expected Women are:

42.38 – agree

20.96 – disagree

27.56 – neutral

To compute for the chi-square test for independence using Microsoft Excel, follow this procedure:

  • Type in all the given values in an Excel worksheet; ensure that each value is entered in a single cell.
  • After entering all the values, click an empty cell in the worksheet.
  • In the empty cell, type in the CHITEST function formula, which is “=CHITEST(actual_range, expected_range)”. In supplying the values for the arguments, click the cell reference containing each value.
  • Once all the values are supplied, press the enter key. The answer will instantly appear and it is equal to 0.037885.

If the answer that you get is not the same, then for sure you have entered wrong data.

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