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Basic Description

Character Excel returns the character in relation to a given number (1 to 255), the character set used by the team.

Note that the set of characters may vary between different operating systems and therefore, the CHAR function may return different results on different computers.

Char function syntax is as follows: CHAR (number)

When the number is a number from 1 to 255, and can be supplied to the function, either directly or as a reference to a cell containing a number.

Examples of Functions of A:

Example 1

The Excel spreadsheet using the character to return the character associated with different numerical values ??provided. Please note that these results are from the ANSI character set

Example 2

A practical use of the char function is to insert line breaks in the text.

Note that in the above example to show the line break will need to ensure that wrapping the cell text is enabled. To do this:

  • Right-click the cell and choose Format Cells …
  • Select the “alignment” and check the Wrap Text option
  • Click OK

CHAR Function Error

If error occurs in the function of Excel Char, this is probably the # VALUE! Error Common mistake

# VALUE! – Occurs if the number supplied argument is not recognized as a numeric value or a number outside the range of 1 to 255.

Using the Excel Function of Char

Excel function character determines the character specified by the number of a character set. This is the character set for Macintosh computers and Macintosh ANSI character set for Windows computers. Char is often used to translate the character codes in the data that is imported from other computers. The following steps show how to use Excel function Char:

  • Learn the syntax of Char. It is Char (number) where number is the number of characters for those who want to know the character. Return the corresponding character set used on the computer.
  • Use any data type for the argument Char, provided that resolves to a numeric value. The CHAR function returns the value of #! error code if the argument is an integer between 1 and 255. From this restriction, we see that Char supports up to and including a set of characters of eight bits (2 ^ 8 = 256).
  • See the examples below to use Char: Char (65) = A, Char (66) = B, Char (67) = C and so on. These results mean that Excel is running on a Windows computer.
  • Explore other uses of the function code.

Char (CODE (“A”)) = A. Note this use to show that Char is the inverse function of code.
Code (256) = # VALUE! Although the argument is a number that is out of range, so it returns #! The error code

  • Study the ASCII character set to check the results of Char. Note that the values ??of 0 to 31 characters are printable and are represented by a small square in Windows

Char function syntax is:

= Char (number)

Number is the number used to retrieve the character.

RANDBETWEEN Excel function generates random numbers between a top and bottom number. In Excel 2007 is the default function of Excel. In Excel 2003, go to the Tools menu; click Add-ins, then add-on tools for analysis


The CHAR function returns the character corresponding to a particular number. CHAR function is useful when you want to convert the number of pages in the numerical code of some files that you might have received from other teams

For example, you want to find the character in the series ’65 ‘, then the formula for the CHAR function should be written as

= CHAR (65)

The above formula when it returns the character ‘A’ which corresponds to the number 65.

You can also use cell references as an argument to the function CHARS. For example, you can use CHAR as CHAR (C5) to find the character corresponding to the current number in cell C5.

Therefore, it is how you can use the CHAR function to find the character corresponding to a number of applications in Excel 2010. This is how it works and how you can execute the function.

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