BIN2OCT Excel Formula

Microsoft Excel is commonly used by engineers for their speedy and competent computation. Since engineers deal more on database, Excel program aid them to easily compute their systematic computation. With this, the common function used by engineers in Excel is the BIN2OCT.

BIN2OCT Description

This function changes a binary number to an octal number. The aspect that differ the two is the “base” that is being utilized. The common numbers are those that are utilized everyday, and these numbers are called base-10. When writing numbers, every place could contain one of the 10 numbers ??from zero till nine. In addition, binary is considered as base-2 but the required value is only two in each place; it is either zero or one. Octal is base-8, which is in every place must have eight values and the number is from zero up to seven. Only the binary numbers of up to nine digits can be altered through BIN2OCT, with an extra digit to the top tenth reserved for indicating the number sign (0 for positive and 1 for negative).

Function Format

The function formula of BIN2OCT is variable, which means you could place diverse things that suit your needs. Once a variable is in brackets square, this signifies it is not obligatory and not essential to be included.

= BIN2OCT (number, [places])


The [places] formula is the characters numbers to be utilized for the result. This is valuable for adding zeros to the outcome. Once [places] is blank, BIN2OCT uses the least characters number required.


=BIN2OCT(1110) – it changes binary 1110 to octal (16)

=BIN2OCT(1110, 3) – it changes binary 1110 to octal having 3 bits (016)

=BIN2OCT(110111010, 5) – it changes binary 110111010 to octal with 5 bits (00672)

=BIN2OCT(111111111) – it changes binary 111111111 to octal neglecting places (777)

Things to Keep in Mind for BIN2Oct Function:

  • In Microsoft Excel 2007 the function was alleviated from the Analysis ToolPak add-in. It can be used as standard.
  • In Microsoft Excel 2003, it is available if your program has Analysis ToolPak add-in.
  • Once the number has greater than 10 characters, then the most important number character is the sign bit. The magnitude bits are the 9 remaining characters.
  • Once the number is consist of 10 characters, the most essential bit signify sign bit for instance the first number, which could be negative or positive.
  • Once the number has more than 10 characters, the #NUM is revisited.
  • Once the number is greater than 0 two complement notations is utilized to represent number.
  • Once the number is great 0, the [places] neglected and the 10 number is returned.
  • Once [places] is not an integer then it is truncated.
  • Once [places] is not a figure the value is revisited.
  • Once [places] is greater than 0 the #NUM value appears.

These are some of the things to keep in mind in order to use BIN2OCT formula efficiently. In order to effectively use Microsoft Excel, you need to learn all its function, because with all these available functions you could use the program in very limited time and very efficient manner. Most of the function is the short cut method of computation.

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