BETADIST Excel Formula

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Statistical Function for statistical calculations is pre-installed in Excel. These functions allow you to compute and perform common and complex statistical calculations. One of these functions is the Distribution and Test of Probability functions.

In the Distribution and Test of Probability functions includes the BETADIST function. This function is mostly used for studying the varied percentage of a variable to certain samples. The syntax of the function BETADIST is BETADIST(x, alpha, beta, A, B). The argument X is a value in-between A and B from which the function will be evaluated. The argument Alpha and Beta refers to the distribution’s parameter which must be greater than the zero value. Moreover, the argument A and B is an optional value which refers to the lower and upper bound in the x interval. The value of A if not inputted will immediately be 0 likewise, if the value of B is not inputted it will immediately be 1.

Take heed that certain errors will occur if the values inputted does not fulfill the needed qualifications. For #VALUE! error this means that one or more of the values in argument are non-numerical values. The #NUM! error will also occur if the Alpha or Beta values are lesser than or equal to the 0 value. Also, if the argument X is lesser than the argument A, if X is greater than the argument B, or if the arguments A and B are equal the #NUM! error will also occur.

To try the function, open an Excel spreadsheet and on cell A1 input the word Data, in cell A2 input the numeric value 2, in cell A3 input the value 8, in cell A4 input the value 10, in cell A5 input the value 1, in cell A6 input the value 3. Input the formula =BETADIST (A2, A3, A4, A5, and A6) in cell A7 and the result would be 0.685470581.

To change view from value to formula you can select the cell that contains the formula and hit Ctrl+` (grave accent). You can also do this selecting the Formulas tab, and in the Formula Auditing hit the button Show Formulas.

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