BESSELY Excel Formula

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The Bessel function is also known as the Weber or Neurmann function which returns the Bessel function. This function will be available by installing and loading the Analysis ToolPak add-in. This can be done through opening an Excel worksheet, select the on the Tools menu and click Add-Ins. There are a lot of available choices in the Add-Ins available list, choose the Analysis ToolPak box and hit OK. There are also instructions included in the setup program from which you can follow in installing.

The syntax or the sequence of arguments for the BESSELY function is BESSELY(x, n). In this argument, the value of X is the value from which the function will be evaluated. The N represents the series of the function. The value of N must always be an integer.

This ready to use formula will take the value and operation of a function. This will be very helpful for long formulas during your Excel usage.

To test the BESSELY function, open a black worksheet on Excel. Select on cell A1 and input the =BESSELY (2.5, 1) the description of this function is Weber’s Bessel function which is at 2.5 and with an order of 1 (0.145918). To view the results and to view the formulas you can press Ctrl+` (grave accent) or you can click on the Formulas tab and in the Formula Auditing group click on the Show Formula button.

In using the BESSELY function, you must remember that if the value of X is non-numeric the result will be an error or #VALUE. The value of N must also be numeric so that the BESSELY will not have an error value which is #VALUE. Also, if the value of N is lesser than zero the value will have an error of #NUM.

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