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If you are using Microsoft Excel more than a year ago, then you’re probably biting your fingers with the new functions available today. Your spreadsheet is getting bigger and becomes more demanding but you do not know how you can use it and the right shortcuts to make. Thus, it takes longer for you get things done. Do you hear about all great things Excel can do? How it is the most useful program for businesses all over the globe? Having knowledge in Excel function will give you an edge when you are applying for job. However, these days…excel functions are easy to learn with the use of the internet how to, tips, guides, and tricks. You can find a lot of tips and guides that can teach how to use a certain function like ATANH. Once you uncover this tip, you will learn and understand why several people become use to it.

So what is ATANH? The inverse of hyperbolic functions is the area of the hyperbolic function. In fact, the name hint that they offer is the area of sector of unit hyperbola in similar way that inverse trigonometric function that gives the arctangent length of sector in the unit circle. The abbreviation arcsinh, arcosh and others are used commonly even if they’re misnomers, since prefix arc is abbreviations of arcus, at the same time as Ar is for area. ATANH is just the same as the ATAN, however it goes back to the inverse hyperbolic tangent of the number, not arctangent of number in radian. The element of the formula is just the number and it needs to be between negative one and one excluding both. Let’s take a lot at the ATANH Function more.

ATANH Function Description:

The component of the vector T is hyperbolic tangent inverse of corresponding entries for the vector X. the definition domain is ‘[-1, 1] for real function. ATANH function operates the element wise on arrays. The function domain and range includes complex values. The entire angles are in radian.

ATANH Function Syntax:

= ATANH (number)

Where, number is the real number between negative one and one.

Typing the formula or the syntax of function like =ATANH (A1), this will result to 0.009 for =ATANH 9A3) the result will be (-0.8673). ATANH function cannot be use for the range of cells just fake range such as = ATANH (A1:A1) in some other examples of range the result will be #ARG! Error.

ATANH function Exercises:

  • The kind of different numbers between (-1) and 1, except with (-1) and 1 in cells A1 up to A5, At A6 it use =ATANH (A3) formula.
  • Works at database from the exercise 1, make use of formula =ATANH3 (B3). What will be the result? It is similar for the empty cells such like for zero value cells?
  • Works at database from the exercise 1 and 2, then use ATANH in normal range of cells using the formula =ATANH (A2:A3) and at fake of cell with the formula =ATANH (A2:A2).

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