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Over the years, king of all spreadsheet programs has grown from fairly simple calculators in an application with the capacity to perform complex operations. The problem that most people face is figuring where to begin and how every function can be used. Books are one of the best reference tools to learn things, but Excel functions are where you will really grasp full potential learning. With the proper instructional program, you can have base foundation of the knowledge with one day learning.

Of course, it will take more than a day of learning to have a complete understanding about the Excel function. One of the most complex levels of Excel is in the programming. Those people who think that spreadsheet is little more than page of blank rows and columns are usually surprised at programs abilities. In mere fact, many of the software companies and manpower spends money just to improve their skills in Excel function, most especially in inverted hyperbole function such as ATAN.

Perhaps the best impact Excel has in office is that the productivity among the people with sort of training is noticeably higher compared to those who have not. Those who use Excel in their activities, even with the simple workflow tracking, sale calculations, reporting tend to make their job more accurate and faster. Thus, the higher level of Excel training that you possess, the higher level of productivity you will have. So, here below are the description and how to use ATAN function in excel that you can study and learn.

ATAN Function Description:

ATAN returns the arc tangent or the inverse tangent of number. The arctangent is an angle whose tangent is Number. Returned angle is provided in radians in a range of –pi/2 to pi/2.

ATAN Function Syntax:

= ATAN (number)

Where, number is tangent of angle you like

To express arctangent in the degrees, you need to multiply the result by   180/ PI () or use DEGREES function.

Compute Arctangent:

ATAN returns the main value of arc tangent of X express in radians. In trigonometry, arc tangent is inverse operation of the tangent. You have to notice that due to the sign ambiguity, the function can’t determine the certainty which the quadrant angle falls by the tangent value. You can also use ATAN2 of you have to identify the angle falls by the quadrant.

ATAN Function Example:

An example is easy to understand if you copy to blank worksheet. You can make a blank worksheet or workbook. Then, choose example in Help topic. Be careful not to choose the column or row headers. In choosing example from the HELP menu, press Control + C. and in the worksheet, choose cell A1 and then press Control + V. to switch in between viewing the result and the formulas that returns the result, hit on Control + ‘ (or grave accent), or in the Formula tab, in Formula Auditing group, and finally choose Show Formulas button.

Formula:                                Description:

=ATAN (1)                          Arctangent of 1 radians, pi/ 4 (0. 775398)

=ATAN (1) *180/ PI ()          Arctangent of 1 degrees (45)

= DEGREES (ATAN (1))                 Arctangent of 1 degree (45)

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