WORKDAY Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software program which is used to enter and delete data within a tabular form thus performing large varieties of computations on a specific data. In addition, the software application can be utilized to create wide range of various graphical charts, and acts as the easiest database software application program to retrieve, store and search data. Keep in mind that screens shots and instructions follows and refers to Microsoft Excel 2003.

For Microsoft Excel 2007, which is the newer version, the user can find similar basic functionality. However, the appearances and menus are initially different. The user could use “Help” feature to find out the specific commands, which varies with the latest Excel and relates to the previous ways of doing it.

The file in Microsoft Excel called the workbook contains several sheets. Each of the cells in the table consists of the numbers, formulas or text and more sophisticated kinds of task such as dates, currencies and more. Moreover, sheets consist of graphic elements like charts which are linked to various values in the specific cells.

Microsoft Excel has the variety of interactive features, which allows the user to interface that completely hide the spreadsheet from its user. Due to its comprehension, Excel application has the capacity to poll external databases automatically. Thus, it merely measures instruments using the update schedule, creating Word or Powerpoint slide show, analyze the results and e-mail presentations on its regular basis.

The Excel’s power as well as the existence comes from the creation of formulas performing the cell calculations which contains numbers. Each time the numbers within the formula changes, the resulting formula value automatically changes. Also, keep in mind that this software application program will not start automatically or view strange characters, so the user needs to right-click the link then save the document. After this, the user must have to double click the downloaded icon to start the Excel.

In Microsoft Excel, you have first to learn and study the basics of the functions and formulas. Once you are familiar with these, you can easily utilize the software program and gives you the convenience in using the spreadsheet. One of the essential functions of Excel that you should be aware of is the WORKDAY function in which it returns the quantity of working days after and before the specified date. Thus, it won’t count certain weekends or some other dates which is chosen as holidays and this is frequently used in calculating due invoice dates and delivery times. Some functions can carry out simple or even complicated mathematical calculations.


  • Install and load Analysis Tool Pak if it is necessary. If the function returns the error value of #NAME?, the user needs to go to menu Tools and choose the add-ins. Then, you have to mark or check the checkbox, which is next to Analysis Tool Pak then click the OKay button.
  • Study the syntax of the function WORKDAY. The function’s syntax:

WORKDAY(start_date,days[,holidays]) it is where the start_date is the starting date and the ‘days’ is the quantity of the work day after and before start_date. Thus, holidays is considered elective arguments, which specify the holidays to be excluded in the computation.

  • Enter the start_date through the DATE function and added function which returns the date in preventing the problem that occurs when the date is enter as text. The WORKDAY functions return the error value of #VALUE! if the start_date is merely not a legitimate date.
  • Thus, it provides integer in days. A positive integer counts the work day after start_date and the negative integer counts the work day before the start_date. The function will definitely return error value of #NUM! when the invalid date is created and the quantity of days added to begin the date.


Dates must be entered through DATE function, or act as a result of another function or formula. Microsoft Excel dates are chronological serial numbers that’s why they are used in any calculations.


  • If any of the argument is not valid date, then the function returns the error value of #VALUE!.
  • If the ‘days’ is not considered an integer, then it is being reduced.

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