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Microsoft Excel is a software application program that frequently uses functions and formulas within the spreadsheets. It provides numbers of benefits such as reducing any possible errors, and saving time and effort. It is now necessary to use the Excel’s spreadsheets in completing any computation task having accurate results rather than doing manual computations. Through manual computations, you can obtain incorrect results. Using the formula, fewer mistakes are obtained. However, in order to use correct formula right function must be determined first. Primarily, you must have to analyze the problem first before utilizing a formula. You have to distinguish the function needed to obtain the appropriate formula before executing and acquiring accurate answer to the problem. With this, one of the most important functions in which the users must have to learn and understand is the WEEKNUM function.

Description of WEEKNUM Function

WEEKNUM functions are used to solve the return of a number that signifies where the week fall numerically in a span of one year. The value of the function varies from one to fifty-three.

Syntax of WEEKNUM Function

Since the application is defined as a program that utilizes formulas, it is necessary that you determine initially the correct formula you needed in order to obtain accurate answer from a certain function. When it comes to WEEKNUM function, the formula or the syntax is:


WEEKNUM Function Syntax Arguments

Serial_num – is the value of the date within the specified week. The value must be entered in DATE function or a result to other functions or formulas.

Possible troubles once the dates entered are in the text form:

  • Microsoft Excel saves ‘dates’ in serial number values. With this, once the date entered in a text form, the function will give result in decimal form.
  • Because dates are considered values, they should be subtracted, added and included to other Excel computations. Keep in mind that you should change the format of a certain cell where the answer of the functions is located and you should do this if the incurred answer is in decimal form.
  • In Excel, dates are considered as complicated subject matter.  That’s why it is important to be very particular about it. Therefore, you should utilize the DATE function which is required to use in getting the number of weeks. It is important that you have to supply the correct formula to avoid error and inaccurate answer.

Return_type – the value of the number that identifies the particular days of the week starts.

  • Once the value of return_type is one, the week start on Sunday and the weekdays numbered one to seven.
  • Once the return_type value is two, the week starts on Monday and the weekdays numbered one to seven.

Example of WEEKNUM Function

It is necessary that you understand the function using certain sets of examples. Thus, you could be able to determine using the function and the right time when to use it. For WEEKNUM function, below are the two sets of examples having diverse dates and return_type.

  • Determine the number of the weeks in the year October 5, 1985, with a week starting on Sunday.
  • What is number of the weeks in the year June 6, 2009, with the week starting on Monday?

To determine the number of the weeks on the problems, you must have to follow the given step:

  • Open the Microsoft Excel program.
  • On a blank spreadsheet, place the given dates. Ensure that the dates are in DATE function.
  • Click the empty cell, where you want to appear the answer.
  • On the chosen empty cell, enter the WEEKNUM function formula, which is =WEEKNUM(serial_num.return_type). In putting the value for the needed arguments, just click the cell location of the required values. For instance, the first problem contains the values located at A1 and B1 cell. You have to click the A1 and B1 cells. The right formula must appear as “=WEEKNUM(A1,B1)”.
  • Once all the needed arguments are set, press “ENTER” key.
  • The answer will automatically appear on the chosen cell.
  • For problem number one, the answer is forty; the given date is in the forty weeks of the year.
  • To know the answer on problem number two, just repeat doing the method again and since the values are already placed in, start the procedure on the third step.
  • The answer for problem number 2 is 23. Therefore, June 6 is in the 23 weeks during the year 2009.

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