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Creating business reports through web applications is definitely a hard task. But through the use of the application made by Microsoft, the task can be easily done. One of the Microsoft applications usually utilized by computer users is Microsoft Excel. It is a spreadsheet application that is frequently chosen in the business industry. However, compared to other Microsoft applications, Excel users must be familiar with the different functions comprising it. Accurate reports through Excel are obtainable if correct formulas are keyed in. This article talks about one of the function that is very essential to every business. The function is called WEEKDAY. This function is very helpful to a business that requires report with given set of time and days.

WEEKDAY Function Overview

The function used to return days of the week in concurrence to a certain given date. The value of day is written in number form that ranges from 1 to 7, which means Sunday to Saturday of the application setting.

WEKDAY Function Syntax

For Excel application to work well with formulas, it is necessary that correct syntax is used to ensure getting accurate results. With the so many functions, formula is the only piece that separates them from each other. So with WEEKDAY function, the formula to use includes:

=WEEKDAY(serial_number, return_type)

WEEKDAY Function Syntax Representation

serial_number – the value for this argument is a chronological number that signifies the date of the day that you would like to find. The value of the date must be obtained from the DATE function or as a result from other functions or formulas. An example of date that is entered as DATE function is “=DATE(2011,1,3)”, which means, January 3, 2011.

There are certain details to remember once the dates are not entered as a value from the DATE function, but rather as text and they are as follows:

  • Microsoft Excel stores date values in order to be identified as serial values. So, once the date was entered as text, Excel will give the answer as a decimal fraction. Which means that time is measured as part of the day.
  • Since dates are values, they can be subtracted, added or be a part of another computation. The date in serial numbers can be converted to the required format by changing the cell format where the value is entered. With this function, it is necessary to be particular regarding the dates. This is because Excel read dates in a very complicated way. So, once an accurate date is entered in the formula the function will also provide accurate date computation.

return_type – this is the value of the number that distinguishes the kind of return value.

  • Once the value of return_type is one or blank, the number returned is 1 through 7, which is Sunday through Saturday.
  • Once the return_type value is 2, the number returned is 1 through 7, which is Monday to Sunday.
  • If the value of return_type is 3, the number returned is 0 to 6, which is Monday to Sunday.

WEEKDAY Function Example

For a better understanding about the function, check out some examples where you could get an idea on how to use the function and where to use it. Here are the following examples for WEEKDAY function:

  • What is the days of the week dated October 22, 1986, with numbers 1 (Sunday) through 7 (Saturday)?
  • Determine the days of the week dated September 11, 1985, with numbers 1 (Monday) through 7 (Sunday).
  • Know the days of the week dated November 24, 2009, with numbers 0 (Monday) through 6 (Sunday).

To find the days of the week of the three given problems using Excel, follow the given procedures:

  • Open Microsoft Excel application.
  • In an empty spreadsheet, enter the given values. Make sure the dates are placed in the DATE function.
  • After placing all the given values, click for an empty cell where the answer will appear.
  • In the empty cell, enter the WEEKDAY syntax, which is “=WEEKDAY(serial_number, return_type)”. For instance, the values in the first problem were placed in cells A1 and A2, therefore, the syntax to appear must be “=WEEKDAY(A1, A2)”. To supply the required arguments, just simply click the cell where the values are located.
  • Once the WEEKDAY functions is completely entered with the values, press “Enter” key.
  • The answer will be displayed in the chosen cell.
  • The answer for problem number 1 is 4, which means that the days of the week dated October 22, 1986 is Wednesday.
  • To solve for problem number 2 and number 3 just repeat the given procedure.
  • The answer for problem number 2 is 3, which means that the days of the week dated September 11, 1985 is Wednesday.
  • The answer for problem number 3 is 3, which means that the days of the week dated November 24, 2009 is Tuesday.

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