TRIMMEAN Excel Formula

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One of the vital applications that you should set up in your computer is the Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is one of the frequently used software programs today. It can help you do mathematical problem easily, let you store workflow, cash flow, business information, data graphs etc., and it is one of the most essential application that you can find. However, for you to be able to use the application you got to be familiar with its function. And one of the mostly used functions in Excel is the TRIMMEAN Function. What is it? How you can use the function in excel?

TRIMMEAN Basic Description:

TRIMMEAN function computes the trimmed mean or the truncated mean of the supplied set of value.

Syntax for this function is:

= TRIMMEAN (array, percent)

Wherein, array argument is considered as array of numeric values, which you like to compute the trimmed means and percent argument tells the percentage of value that must be discarded from the set of value.

How to Use the TRIMMEAM Function in Excel?

Excel TRIMMEAN function computes the mean from the data set where the percentage of top and bottom points are being excluded and then returns its value. It is also used to exclude the outlying data from analysis. Here are some steps on how you employ the said function in excel.


  • Learn the syntax of the TRIMMEAN function first. It’s TRIMMEAN (array, percent).
  • Then you have to supply to the “array” argument the array of values from which to calculate and trim the mean.
  • After, include exclusion_percentage as decimal fraction of the values, which to be eliminated from the computation. Moreover, half of the fraction would be trimmed starting from the top then half of them are trimmed from the bottom.
  • Examine the evaluated “percent” argument. TRIMMEAN displays the error value #NUM! when the “percentage” argument is below zero or above zero. The total quantity of values that are to be eliminated is rounded off to its nearest even numeral, so this equals to the quantity of values trimmed from bottom and top. The symmetry is maintained to avoid bias.
  • Consider the set of thirty points of data having the 0.1 percent. Then, it will result to three exact values. However, the number is rounded-off to two having one value, which is being excluded or eliminated from the bottom and top.

To make it simple, the TINV function returns the interior mean of the set of data. Thus, the array is considered range or array of values which involves average and trimming. Then, the other one is percentage. This is considered the fractional quantity of data points, which is excluding from the calculation.


  • If the percent value is less than zero or its greater than one, then the function TRIMMEAN returns the error #NUM! value.
  • In Microsoft Excel, TRIMMEAN function rounds the numeric value of the eliminated points of data down to its nearest multiple, which is two. Moreover, if the percent = 0.1, ten percent of the thirty points is equivalent to three points. TRIMMEAN function excludes one value from the bottom and top of the set of data, which is for symmetry.

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