TDIST Excel Formula

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A lot of people these days are utilizing Microsoft programs particularly companies and businesses. With Microsoft Excel, they can manage to keep and analyze data easily. Usually, companies and businesses use it as their main database. Aside from managing data, the program is also a great tool used in computing some statistical problems. But in terms of computation, it is suggested that users must know the different functions that Excel contains and be familiar with them. This is to make sure that in the end, accurate and correct results are obtained. However in Excel, you have to learn the different functions that you can use like TDIST function.

TDIST Function Description

TDIST function is used to compute percentage points for t-distribution of the numeric value of x which refers to the computed value of t with the percentage points needed to be computed. T distribution is utilized in testing the hypothesis of small sample of sets of data. This function is used in place of tables for t-distribution critical values.

Syntax for TDIST Function

In Microsoft Excel, it’s imperative for the users to know the different function syntax to make sure that they obtain the needed answer.

In the formula of the TDIST function the following arguments are included:

  • x – is considered as the numeric value needed to compute the distribution.
  • degrees_freedom – refers to the number that indicates the value of degree of freedom.
  • Tails – specify the tails of the distribution number to compute. Once the tails is equal to 1 then the answer for the function is one tailed distribution. Once the tails is equal to 2, the answer for t distribution is in two tailed distribution.

Example for TDIST Function

Take a look at the example below to learn and understand more about the function. Since you are new with this, you can try doing the function by following the given instructions below. Make sure to place in the right values and formula to avoid errors.

Calculate the t-distribution having the value of 1.81 and 75 as the degrees of freedom. Compute for the two distributions.


1.81 – value needed to compute the distribution

75 – the degrees of freedom

To compute the t-distribution using Microsoft Excel follow these procedures:

  • Open a new worksheet.
  • From the empty worksheet, place the given values. For instance, in columns A and B.
  • After placing the given values, click for an empty cell from the worksheet. The selected cell will be the location of the answer.
  • On the blank cell, type the formula for TDIST function. Since they are place at A and B column, the syntax to appear must be “=TDIST (A1, B1, 1)” for one tail distribution and “=TDIST (A1, B1, 2)” for two tail distribution.
  • After placing the needed values, press “Enter” key.
  • Right after pressing the enter tab, the answer will appear from the blank cell. For one tail distribution the answer is 0.037151 and for two tail distribution the answer is 0.074302.

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