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YEAR Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel has hundreds of features and it can do thousands of commands just to create and solve any data problems within the spreadsheet of this application. In this software, the user can look for thousands of tips to use the varieties of functions as well as formulas. It only requires studying and learning the basics of this software. For the beginners, keep in mind that this software is the most often used program by businesses and corporations, which do have accounting and other related business works. Even schools and other institutions are using this software for their related activities.

The basic operations of Microsoft Excel have the typical features of the entire spreadsheet. It uses the cell grid, which is arranged in column names and number rows. This is responsible for data organization and manipulation such as arithmetic and mathematical operations. It has wide arrays of supplied functions and formulas to answer financial, engineering and statistical needs. This software application program has the ability to display charts and histograms, data with line graphs and having very limited display of three-dimensional and graphical dimensions. Additionally, Excel allows you to section the data while viewing the dependencies on different perspective factors.

Microsoft Excel has the variety of interactive features which permits user interface and it completely hides the spreadsheet from the users of the software program. Due to its recognition, this software application has the capacity to poll external databases automatically. Therefore, it only measures instruments using the update schedule, creating Powerpoint and Word slide show, analyze the results and e-mail presentations.

The software program permits and uses the number of optional “command line switches” in controlling the manner of where the software starts. In this software, there are different functions and formulas available in creating data in which it varies from various formulations of data. These functions and formulas require prevalent learning and it should be studied by the users to create easy data formulation, encoding, exploration and many more.

One of the functions that are often used in the spreadsheet or worksheet data is the YEAR function of Microsoft Excel. The YEAR function returns the four-digit year, which corresponds to the given date value. The ‘year’ is returned as the integer within the 1900-9999 range. The syntax for this important function is YEAR(serial_number).

A serial_number is considered as the date that the user sought to find. Also, dates are entered through the Excel’s DATE function or from the result of another function or formula. For instance, use the DATE(2009,5,25) for the 25th day of May, 2009. In addition, keep in mind that problems may occur when dates are keyed in as text.


Microsoft Excel stores ‘date’ as the chronological serial number which is used to calculate figures. If January 01, 1901 is the serial number one, and January 01 2009 is the serial number ’39448′ since it’s 39,448 days right after the January 01, 1901. Moreover, Excel for Macintosh uses various date system as default.

Values are returned by the function such as the year, month as well as the day is considered as the Gregorian values despite of the given date value’s display format. For instance, if the said display format of a certain supplied date is ‘Hijri’, then the returned value for the functions year, month as well as the day will be considered as the value, which is associated with its equivalent Gregorian date.

Utilizing DATE Function

When the Dates are simply entered within the cell of the Excel, the value is being stored as the number. Then the stored number is the quantity of days having the decimals. Moreover, it provides around fifteen various formats having to display the time and date. It also supplies twenty functions, which may be used in providing information.

For Excel YEAR Function, when providing a date, it takes back an integer by symbolizing the year.

The formula for this function is:

YEAR (date)

Changing Time and DATE formats

The changing of the date format merely not affects the real contents, which is stored within the cell.

Using the Excel in storing DATE function

It cannot handle certain dates before the 1st of Jan, 1900. Additional dates are being stored as numeric values.