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IMDIV Excel Formula

Microsoft Excel is one of the software program manufactured and developed by Microsoft Corporation allowing the users to format, calculate and organize data through the use of one or more spreadsheet. Spreadsheet is kind of system that is composed of columns and rows. Microsoft Excel is compatible to other applications that are being offered by other product group. Multiplan is the first soft program similar with Microsoft Excel, thus in 1982, the first software was released.

Software program in Microsoft Excel is organized information through the structure of the operating systems, programs, utilities and applications enabling the personal computers of the users to work. It is organize and written by most computer programmers with proper and significant code and instructions in different special languages of the computer. It also includes licensing agreements and requirements. The documentation in Software program has comprehensive information on the design details, limitations, features and capabilities of the software or systems application. Software manual also comes with printed document or an added software piece on CD or Disk.

Microsoft Excel software program is a spreadsheet tool able to perform calculations, integrate information through any programs and analyzing data. It’s consists of organizational entities called workbooks. The standard workbook is comprised of chart sheets and worksheets. Worksheet or spreadsheets execute data organizing and storing, calculations, presenting controls and graphics such as web page. Thus, it is considered versatile because it is consists of million cells.

Cells are responsible for storing formula that performs to communicate and calculate other application like database. Spreadsheets also present and store data. Spreadsheets or worksheets are usually used in businesses and engineering calculation and arithmetic functions. Microsoft Excel has numerous uses in Engineering and in business. It is very important that the user have the knowledge in Microsoft Excel to cope up with whatever data problem it may bring.

Functions and formulas in Microsoft Excel have different usage. Its functions and formulas are used in engineering computations and some uses it to calculate and analyze. However, functions and formulas of the Microsoft Excel are often used in mathematical and arithmetic calculation, which is used in financial and accounting. One of these functions is the IMDIV. IMDIV function in Microsoft Excel returns its quotient of the two complex numbers within the x + yj or x + yi form. The syntax for the IMDIV Excel function is “=IMDIV(inumber1,inumber2)” or (complex_number, complex_number2). Inumber1 is the complex dividend or numerator. Inumber2 is the complex divisor or the denominator. IMDIV function in Microsoft Excel is under the engineering function wherein it divides a single complex number by another complex number.


  • This function is removed from “analysis toolpak add-in” and is available in Excel 2007 as standard.
  • The IMDIV function is exclusively available if you have the downloaded version of “analysis toolpak add-in” in Excel 2003.
  • Once the “inumber2” or “inumber1” are not in x + yj or x + yi form, the value #NUM! is being returned.
  • Thus, the user can only use the “Complex() function in converting imaginary and real coefficients into complex number.