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How to Sort using an AutoFilter – Understanding and Learning the Feature

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Microsoft Excel is the most helpful program to obtain an organized and well manageable data. It is complicated to use programs like Microsoft Excel if you do not know its features and functions. For beginners who want to use this software program, make sure to learn first the Excel features and functions. Autofilter is one of the most significant features of the Microsoft Excel in all versions. The feature allows the hiding of data numbers within the Excel’s spreadsheet.

The other valuable feature of Microsoft Excel is the Sorting. Sorting allows and enables the user to control the data within the spreadsheet in accordance with the set requirements. Both features can efficiently perform in Microsoft Excel Software program. This is called the sorting of data using the Auto filter function.

For people who deals in business and engaged with multiple data, then Microsoft Excel Autofilter sorting will help them easily to sort multiple numbers of their data.

Autofilter is defined as the tool that permits the users to arrange and manage data in numerous ways. The user finds data in easy manner and sorts the data information in a friendly way. The user gets the total counts of the definite criteria they desire once the list was filtered by choosing an item. AutoFilter is one of the functions in Microsoft Excel that enables user to make something on the data without examining it individually.

These are the procedures in sorting of data using the feature of Autofilter in Microsoft Excel.

  • Choose the entire top row through clicking the number 1 or any cells you want to apply the filter.
  • Click “Data”, click “Filter”, and then choose “AutoFilter”.
  • After clicking “AutoFilter”, it is important to observe that the entire column heading must obtain small arrow on the right side. Then click the arrow and instantaneously so many choices are displayed. Select the data you want to appear and automatically, the selected data will come out.
  • It is very important to note that by clicking the arrow you have the option to choose for the value you want. Furthermore, you also have the capability to Sort, Custom, list All and Top 10.

These are the basic procedures on how to sort data using the AutoFilter function. It is very important to keep in mind all these instructions to utilize the tool effectively in sorting data. To understand more AutoFilter Function in sorting here are other ways on how to use it in Microsoft Excel:

  • Study the data and then decide for the columns or rows to sort. Highlight the chosen columns or rows and opt for “Data” located at the menu. Select “Filter” and click “AutoFilter”.
  • After clicking the “AutoFilter”, you will see the drop down arrows in every title box. Every arrow can be clicked to filter the desired data in concurrence with the column. Only the chosen data that are clicked are the only item that is visible in the spreadsheet.
  • Once you go to “Draft” title cell and if you click the arrow and “3/25/2008” in autofilter column, you will only have the data that matches those commands.
  • In doing this, you will see that arrow located in “DRAFT” turns to blue. Once it obtains this color, it indicates that the spreadsheet was filtered.
  • You can do further filters, by clicking the arrow located in “WRITTEN” cell and click the “3/28/2008”. Upon doing this, you will obtain the data that meets the set criteria that was drafted 3/25 and written in 3/28. Once again, you will see that the arrows of both cells are in blue.
  • There are two possible ways to return to the original data. You may alleviate the entire autofilters in just one command. Click “Data and then click “Filter” to alleviate the check character on the “Autofilter”. With this procedure, you will bring back your entire data and lessen those boxes that are being checked. If you like to restore the data individually just click the arrow and click “all”. Then the entire data are again marked.

Through these procedures, you will easily learn and understand on how to sort data using the Auto filter in Excel. Therefore, analyzing Excel’s functions and formulas, you can easily use the sorting of data information through Auto filter within the Excel’s spreadsheet.