SUMX2PY2 Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software program created by the Microsoft
Company which integrates in presenting and creating financial information using its powerful tools. It is easy to present and gather information with the use of the program parts and Excel features has lots of advanced functions. Worksheet is the major part of Excel. With worksheet, you can view all the activities emerging in Microsoft Excel. Excel contains three worksheets by default. The first one is the analysis of data and formulas. Excel has built-in formulas allowing easy and quick calculations. The available built-in formulas in Excel are useful for accounting, financials, statistics, dates as well as time and many more.

Through Excel, the user can also connect formulas across the workbooks and worksheets. In Excel, you can also execute data analysis. To create charts, you can use the data being calculated and entered in Microsoft Excel. The chart types, which can be formed are line, columns, pie charts, bar charts and others. Microsoft Excel allows cell formatting, conditional formatting and print formatting. Conditional formatting refers to the calculation of results while cell formatting refers to the number formats.

There are two kinds of arrays in Microsoft Excel. First, the user must know the meaning of an array. An array is set of several data used in building one formula which produces multiple results that operates on the argument groups arranged in columns and rows. Array Constant andArrayRangesare the two array kinds that are used in Excel. Array Constant is the arranged constant group that is used as an argument within the formula. ArrayRangeis the cells’ rectangular area sharing particular formula.

In Excel, cells are displayed as dates or currency. The cells are highlighted in various fonts or colors when the results of calculation are in a specific calculation. Moreover, you should have to learn all those hundreds of specific functions in Excel. With this, the user can easily navigate, explore and use the Excel without any possible questions in his or her mind. Thus, you have to make sure that you definitely know the specific formulas and functions that you will encounter upon using the Microsoft Excel. One of the Excel functions that you have to know is the SUMX2PY2 function.

SUMX2PY2 function in Excel is used to calculate the sum of the square sum of the corresponding values within two ranges. The sum squares of the sum are the particular term in different statistical calculations. The syntax of SUMX2PY2 is “SUMX2PY2(array_x,array_y)”.


  • The argument can be supplied as names, references, numbers or arrays, which contains the numeric values.
  • If the cell reference or array of cells contains logical values, text or empty cells, those values are ignored. However, cells that have zero value must be included.
  • The SUMX2PY2 returns the error #N/A value if the formula has different numeric value.


The function returns the summation of the sum squares with the corresponding values within two ranges. Both the syntax and the argument must contain similar numeric values or else it will result to return the error value of #N/A. The “array_x” is the first value range and the “array_y” is the second value range.

SUMX2PY2 function is easy to understand yet you have to follow every detail of the instruction upon using the formula in Excel.

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