STDEVP Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel is a program that is frequently used by computer users everyday. Because of the versatility that if offers, lots of companies use this application in their day to day business transactions. The common aid of Excel to users is the easy storing and managing of data, worry free computation and rapid analysis of data. However, in order for the users to use the program successfully, it is essential that they know the different functions of the program. This Excel program requires correct usage of function which means obtaining accurate and right result as well. With regards to these functions, one of the commonly used functions is STDEVP.

STDEVP Function Overview

The function computes for the standard deviation in accordance with the entire given set of data. The function works just the same with the STDEV function but the main difference lies on the sampling of data population. STDEV utilizes limited set of given data, while STDEVP function utilizes the whole population of a set of data to compute for the standard deviation.

STDEVP Function Syntax

In order to use the function efficiently, the correct syntax must be:

=STDEVP(number1, number2, number3, …..)


number1, number2, number3, ….. – are values from 1 up to 30 that represent the given population. The values can be supplied as a single range or even a reference to a range rather than values that are separated by commas. Logical values and text are ignored in the function. So in order for them not to be neglected, better utilize the STDEVP function.

Example of STDEVP Function

By going through the example written below, anyone can easily learn and understand the usage of the function.

Calculate for standard deviation of strength of 6 units of equipment that was produced by similar machines. The 6 equipment’s strength is 1562, 1245, 1887, 1632, 1985 and 1749.

To solve for standard deviation of six machines using excel, below are the procedures to follow:

  • Place the given data in a new or blank worksheet.
  • After entering all the given data, click an empty cell. The chosen cell is the location where the answer will appear.
  • In the blank cell, type in the STDEVP function formula.
  • To supply arguments in the function formula click the reference cells containing the values. Keep in mind that the arguments may be placed in the range form or single value but must be separated by a comma.
  • Once all the needed arguments are supplied, press “Enter”.
  • In the selected cell, the answer will appear which is 240.1463.

Important Facts to Remember

There are certain details that users need to pay attention in order to utilize the function efficiently. Every function has their own required ways for them to be used correctly and for users to be able to get accurate results from STDEVP function and they are the following:

  • STDEVP presumes that the arguments are the whole population. Once the data represents certain sample of the population, do not utilize the STDEVP function, instead utilize the STDEV function.
  • For huge sizes of sample, STDEVP and STDEV provide equal answers.
  • Standard deviation is computed through the use of “n” or “biased” method.

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