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Microsoft Excel is a program that allows users to perform calculations, data analysis and to integrate data from other programs. Users do these operations in the so called spreadsheet that works accurately through specified formulas. Because of this, Excel is identified as a program that works through syntax. With Microsoft Excel, the users need to learn and understand its functions in order for them to use the program easily. One of these functions is the STDEV, a function that computes for standard deviation within a given set of numbers. For a better understanding about the function, read the entire article.

STDEV Function Description

The function estimates standard deviation in concurrence with the given values. Standard deviation measures the range of the discrete values from the usual value, which is the mean.

STDEV Function Syntax

Because Microsoft Excel is a program that performs according to its formula, the syntax to be used for STDEV function should be:

=STDEV(number 1, number 2, ………)


The number 1, number 2, …… — are number arguments from 1 up to 30 that corresponds to a sample of certain population. Its value can also appear in the form of a single range or reference to a range rather than arguments separated by a comma.

STDEV Function Key Pointers to Remember

To use the function successfully and obtain accurate result, users need some information about the things to keep in mind. With regards to this, the following are the key pointers that users must consider while using the function.

  • STDEV presumes that the arguments are sample population. Once the data represents the whole population, then STDEV function should not be used, instead utilize the STDEVP function.
  • The n-1 or unbiased method is used to compute for the standard deviation.
  • Logical values like FALSE, TRUE and text are ignored. In order for logical values not to be ignored, it is suggested to utilize the STDEVA function.

Example of STDEV Function

For better understanding about the function, look at the given example and try doing it in a blank Excel spreadsheet by following the given instructions.

Assuming there’s 5 tools marked from similar machine during a product run and were collected as random sample. Calculate standard deviation for breaking strength of the whole machine. The strength of the 5 machines is 2010, 1958, 1985, 1365 and 1974.

To solve the problem using Microsoft Excel, do the following:

  • Input the given data in the Excel spreadsheet. For instance, enter the data on column A starting from cell A1.
  • After entering all the given data, click for an empty cell in the spreadsheet, this is where the answer of the function will appear.
  • In the empty cell, type in the syntax of the function, which is “=STDEV(number 1, number 2, ………). Since the data are placed in column A, the syntax to appear within the formula bar must be “=STDEV(A1:A5)” or “=STDEV(A1,A2,A3,A4,A5). The arguments can also be entered into the syntax by clicking the reference cell.
  • After supplying all the required arguments in the function’s formula, press the “Enter” key.
  • Instantaneously, the answer will appear in the chosen cell and it is 276.4675.

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