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Today that the technology is rapidly developing, tasks get even more complex every day. And so with this, people must have to cope with the increasing complexity of tasks. Fortunately, the Microsoft Company has created a software program that can make your life easier when working with simple or even complex assignments. Most probably, most of you have already heard about Microsoft Excel. This Microsoft software program features lots of useful functions and formulas that offer several benefits to the Excel users.

Excel is an extensively utilized computational and business spreadsheet software. One of the functions in Excel that can be used for computational purposes is STANDARDIZE function. If you find it interesting, it’s best that you read this article because it provides you with important facts regarding STANDARDIZE function.

What is STANDARDIZE Function in Excel Application?

STANDARDIZE function in MS Excel is used to return the given distribution’s normalized value. A distribution which is characterized by the given standard deviation and mean. The formula of STANDARDIZE function must be:

STANDARDIZE(x, mean, standard_dev)

In this formula, below are the arguments:

  • X – This argument refers to the value that should be standardized.
  • Mean – This refers to the distribution’s arithmetic mean.
  • Standard_dev – This refers to the distribution’s standard deviation.

Remarks in Using STANDARDIZE function in Excel

  • The error value of #NUM! is displayed if the “standard_dev” argument is equal to zero.
  • The #VALUE! is displayed if one of the supplied arguments is a non-numeric value.

Examples on the Usage of STANDARDIZE Function

Each examples below will illustrate to you on how to utilize STANDARDIZE function in order to calculate for normalized values.

For instance, you have the following values for the x, mean as well as standard_dev arguments: 5.5, 5 and 2. To calculate for the normalized function, you can use this formula, =STANDARDIZE(5.5, 5, 2). The function will return a result which is 0.25.

Let’s say you have these values for the x, mean as well as standard_dev arguments: 12, 15 and 1.5. Type in this formula in any cell where you want the result to appear, =STANDARDIZE(12, 15, 1.5). The function will return the result which is -2.0.

Finally, for example you have these values for the x, mean as well as standard_dev arguments: -2.0, 0, 5. The function will instantly return the result which is -0.4.

You can try doing these examples in a blank Excel spreadsheet so that it will be easier for you to learn and understand the usage of STANDARDIZE function in MS Excel.

Easy Steps on How to Utilize  STANDARDIZE Function in MS Excel

For a better understanding with regards to  the function, here is an easy step-by-step procedure that will you to learn on how to utilize  STANDARDIZE function.

  • First things first, launch the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Learn the formula of STANDARDIZE function as given earlier in this article.
  • Click on an empty cell and type in the function’s formula.
  • Supply the required values for the arguments in the formula.
  • Finally, press the Enter key and then the function will instantly give the result and will be displayed in the selected cell.

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