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The SLN Excel function is used to find out an asset’s straight-line downgrading for a particular period. The syntax is “SLN (cost, salvage, life)”. Here the argument cost is used for the asset’s initial cost; at the depreciation’s end there will be a value and this is denoted by the salvage argument; this value is also called as the asset’s salvage value. The asset will be depreciated over some periods; number of periods is denoted by the argument life. This is also called as the asset’s useful life. To make the function working properly the syntax should be followed as stated in the program. Even a comma is important here.

An example can make the things easier. Assume that the cost is 30000, the salvage value is 7500, and the useful life in years is 10. Then using the function SLN the formula will be “=SLN(30000,7500,10)”. The result will be 2250 which is each year’s depreciation allowance. The functions have made the Excel program more useful to the users. If anyone wants to find out the result manually it may take several minutes or more; if he/she has to find out the same thing for hundreds of clients, then certainly it will take weeks of time. Excel has made this task easier and can perform millions of calculations within seconds.

When a user or an administrator will think to apply functions in the database to workout calculations, then the user or the administrator should be familiar with all of the terms used in the functions. He/she should also know how to apply the function efficiently even after increasing the range of the database. As everything is expanding, databases are also expanding; today you are dealing with 1000 clients, in the next year you may have to deal with 3000 clients, after 3 years you may have to deal with 10000 clients or customers. So you should keep in mind these things.

How will you use the function in a database? Start the Excel program; then open the existing file where you want to apply the function. You will have to maintain the syntax of the function “SLN(cost,salvage,life)”. The information about the life, salvage, and cost should be stored in the database; then note the cell reference. Now you should select the cell where you want to get the result. In that cell enter the formula like this “=SLN (B4,C4,D4)” but don’t use the quotation marks. Here B4, C4, and D4 are the cell references for cost, salvage, and life respectively. After typing the formula properly in the cell, then you can press the Enter key of your keyboard. The formula will enter into the Excel and will give the result immediately. You will see the result in that cell where you entered the formula.

There are help files associated with most of the programs, but many users do not use those files. In many cases, the help files are so resourceful that you may get all of the answers of your questions. So, if you face any difficulty using the functions or any other commands, then first try to find out the solution in the help files.

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