SEARCH and FIND Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel allows you to search or locate a current or existing text or data in the worksheet with SEARCH function and FIND function. The SEARCH and SEARCHB function is use to locate a data or text usually for the MID and MIDB or REPLACE and REPLACEB function be used. But if you want the search to be case sensitive, you can make use of FIND and FINDB command.

The syntax or series of arguments for this command is SEARCH(find_text,within_text,start_num) and SEARCHB(find_text,within_text,start_num). The argument find_text refers to the text or series of text you want to find in the spreadsheet. The Within_tex argument refers to the text which you want to search for find_text. Moreover, the argument Strat_num refers to the numerical character which is in the within_text from which you want to start your search on.

The #VALUE! Will appear if the character or words on the find_text argument is not to be found on the spreadsheet. Also, if the start_num is left blank, it is automatically assumed that the number there is 1. An error will occur if the start_num is not a higher numerical value than 0 (zero). It could also become an error if the length of the within_text argument is greater than the actual length. If you want to skip a specific number or count of characters you can use the start_num.

However, in the FIND and FINDB command, the wildcard characters are the asterisk character and the question mark character. The question mark character refers to the single character while an asterisk character refers to a series of characters.

You can also make use of the FIND function in Excel this makes the beginning position of a text string wit another text string. This will show the result of the formula of a number those points to a beginning character. Be reminded that the FIND formula is sensitive. So, if the word or label are in uppercase in the spreadsheet then make sure to input it in uppercase when you use the FIND command. The syntax of the FIND command or function is; =FIND(Find_Text, Within_Text, Start_Num). The arguments represent the same characters or data with the SEARCH function.

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