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Excel is a very important tool in presenting data, may it e in numeric or text form. Often times, the data being inputted, entered, or copied to the spreadsheet is not in the proper case. In this case, data here refers to the text data that is in the format of words or letters and numbers. These data are usually used as a name, heading, or a label to categorize certain columns. These data are imported or copied to a current or new worksheet or spreadsheet. Often times, these data could be all capitalized or in small letters which in many cases; you want the first letter only to be capitalized. Here is where the PROPER function of Excel is very useful and helpful.

PROPER functions of Excel capitalize the first letter of a word. The syntax, which refers to the sequence of characters of a function of PROPER function in Excel is =PROPER (Text). The Text here refers to the text that you would want to change. This Text could be formula that results to a text, word or group of words which is enclosed in a parenthesis, or could be a location of cell which has the source.

An example usage of the function would be open first an existing or new spreadsheet. Now, in A1 cell input the words BANK STATEMENT. To change the case of the words, select B1 cell where the function will be placed. After, select the ribbon menu on the Formulas tab and select Text on the ribbon menu. A dialogue box will appear; type in the box Text, click on A1, and hit OK. The function will automatically take effect and will look as Bank Statement. The B1 cell will contain the function or command which will be see on the formula bar.

Likewise, if the word you have copied or inputted contains improper capital letters you can make use of the UPPER function. Improper capitalization here refers to having small letters and wanting t to e in the uppercase. The syntax of the UPPER function is = UPPER (Text). Still, Text here refers to the word or group f words you would want to change.

An example command would be, first open a current spreadsheet or a new spreadsheet. Enter the words bank statement at the A1 cell. After doing so, select on the B1 cell on your current spreadsheet which where the function or command will be placed in. now, on the Formulas tab select on the Text which is located on the ribbon menu. The drop down list will appear and select on UPPER from the list. After, on the dialogue box select on the Text line and select or click on A1 cell on you spreadsheet. After doing s, click OK and the text BANK STATEMENT will appear on the B1 cell. Also, the formula = UPPER A1 will be shown on the formula box in your worksheet.

In addition, if you would wan to make the data you have copied or inputted be all in lowercase you can do it with the LOWER function. The syntax of this function is = LOWER (Text). Still, the text here refers to the word or group of words you would want to change or alter the case. To use the function or command, first open an existing Excel spreadsheet or worksheet. Click or select on the A1 cell and copy or input the words BANK STATEMENT. Remember to put it all in uppercase. After doing so, select the B1 cell in your spreadsheet wherein the function or command will be inputted. Now, click on the Formulas tab found on the ribbon menu. Select on Text to be able to open the drop down list for the function. Select on the LOWER from the list for the dialogue box to appear. Click the Text line on the dialogue box, select the A1 cell and click OK.  The text bank statement will appear on the B1 cell which will be in the lowercase. Also, on the B1 cell the formula or command will appear on the formula bar which is = LOWER (A1).

The unction or command is for Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or worksheet.

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