PRICEDISC Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel software program is a spreadsheet that is able to perform calculations, integrate information through any program and analyze data. It’s consists of organizational entities called as workbooks. The standard workbook comprises of chart sheets and worksheets. Worksheet or spreadsheets execute data organizing and storing, calculations, as well as presenting controls and graphics such as a web page. Thus, it is considered versatile because it consists millions of cells. Cells are responsible for storing formula that performs to communicate and calculate other application like a database. Spreadsheets also present and store data. Spreadsheets or worksheets are usually utilized in businesses and engineering calculations and arithmetic functions. Microsoft Excel has numerous uses in engineering and in business. Visual basic application is the key force and the language for powerful programming behind the capabilities of the Microsoft Excel. These are the following uses of Excel in business as well as in engineering.

  • Problem optimization utilizing the crystal ball and solver
  • Software design
  • Model and team integration
  • Quick charting and analysis
  • Automated generation report
  • Advanced modeling and numerical simulation
  • Data analysis and sorting
  • Information control and command
  • Constraint project monitoring
  • Database control and communication
  • Integration of real time to different applications
  • Multiple programming for language with C code or DLL and Fortran

Most company’s time and funds are not invested through the development of software tools from its progress within computer languages with the use of the Microsoft Excel. The use of formulas and functions in Microsoft Excel must be learned and understood by the Excel users. This is just advisable to know and be familiar with the basics of Excel functions. One of the most commonly used functions is the PRICEDISC. In Microsoft Excel, the PRICEDISC function calculates the price in each $100 face value of the discounted security. The PRICEDISC function syntax is “PRICEDISC(settlement, maturity, discount, redemption, [basis]).

The Arguments for this Excel function are as follows:

  • Settlement – this is considered the as the security’s settlement date when the coupon is purchased.
  • Maturity – this is considered as the date when the coupon expires.
  • Discount – the percentage discount rate of the security.
  • Redemption – the redemption value of the security in each $100 face value.
  • [basis] – it is an optional argument that specifies financial “day count basis” used by the security.

Keep in mind that the maturity and settlement arguments can be supplied as either of the following:

  • Dates that are returned from other formulas or functions
  • Cell references which contain the dates


  • If the date arguments are supplied as text, Excel may not understand this because of different settings of date interpretation and date systems on your computer.
  • It is not recommended to supply dates as serial numbers, although you can also do this. This is due to the fact that serial date numbering differs across various computer systems.

Common Errors in the Function

If you obtained an error in the function, one of the following error values will be displayed: #NUM!, #VALUE and #NAME?.

Hopefully, this article has done its part to help you to learn about the PRICEDISC function in Excel.

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