PERCENTILE Excel Formula

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Excel is one such powerful tool that lets you make graphs, analyze data, and use formulas and functions which are already installed. These functions allow you to do calculations in certain fields such as Statistical Functions, Text Function, Logical Function, Math Functions, Statistical Functions, and many more.

Functions are still divided into smaller groups for you to easily find the function you need. Statistical Function is composed of Counting Cells, Finding the Largest & Smallest Values, Averages, Frequency and Ranks, and Distribution and Tests of Probability. The Distribution and Tests of Probability includes the PERCENTILE functions. This function allows you to return k-th percentiles in a given range of numerical data for a specific value k.

PERCENTILE function syntax includes:

=PERCENTILE (array,k)

The array argument refers in the value or the data that you want k-th to be calculated from. The argument k in formula is value of percentile which ranges from 0-1.

If the argument array in the syntax is blank or if it has over 8,191 datum pints #NUM! error will occur. Also, #NUM! error will occur if values of the k argument is lesser than zero or when it is more than 1. The error #VALUE! will occur if the k argument is a non-numeric value.

Try PERCENTILE function by opening a blank excel spreadsheet or worksheet and input in cell A1 the data 1, in cell A2 the data 3, in cell A3, the data 2, in the cell A4 the data 4. Now input the formula =PERCENTILE(A2:A3,0.3) and the outcome will be 1.9. The result is the 30 percent of the given array values.

After inputting the formulas, you can change views from formulas to results and vice versa by hitting the keys Ctrl+` (grave accents). You can also hit the particular Formulas tab, select Formula Auditing groups option, and select the Show Formals option.

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