ODDFYIELD Excel Formula

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Microsoft Excel is identified as a spreadsheet application program. It enables you to easily control numerical data. It can also perform calculations and analysis as well as prediction. So, what does Microsoft Excel allows you to do? Basically, it will hold a series of tasks associated with spreadsheet. Excel loads are presented with a table just like the page. This is called a worksheet. All information is held here. The network consists of sequence of rows and columns along with the data are entered in individual cells. You can then, multiply the value of cell by the value in another cell. All kinds of mathematical functions can be applied to the cells.

When does Microsoft Excel used? As a matter of fact, you can easily create an Excel spreadsheet for anything as simple as keeping record of your monthly expenses. This way you can even keep a running sum of precisely how much you are spending every single month. On the other hand, you may be working in a specific business atmosphere and have more serious utilizations when it comes to Excel. In this case, spreadsheets can be a good and complex dose of understanding that is required here. Engineering happens to be another vital example of a business scenario, where more multifaceted spreadsheets are required.

Excel also lets you create a database, though this is less common among developers and users. It would be superior to use something special for the preservation of databases such as Microsoft Access. For the reason that Excel is part of MS Office package of programs that can commune with other applications in the suite. For example, you may want to transmit your data from Excel to Microsoft Access, or vice versa. You can do this through special functions and one of them is ODDFYIELD Function.


Excel ODDFYIELD Function computes the yield of security with odd first period. Its syntax is:

= ODDFYIELD (settlement, maturity, issue, first_coupon, rate, pr, redemption, frequency, [basis])

Where, the argument follows:

Settlement                 -it is the date of security, e.g. date of coupon bought

Maturity             -it is the maturity date of the security e.g. dates of coupon expire

Issue                         -issue date of security

First_coupon       – it is the date of security’s first coupon

Rate                  -security’s first rate

Yld                    -security’s annual yield

Redemption                -security’s redemption values per 100 dollar face value

Frequency          -number of coupons payment each year. It should be the following:

    •                                 Annually
    •                                 Semi annually
    •                                 quarterly

[Basis]               -it is an optional integer argument that specifies financial day count that is used by security.

Microsoft Excel uses iterative techniques to compute ODDFYIELD. These kinds of function make use of the Newton method base in the formula use for the ODDFPRICE function. The yield is being changed although 100 iterations till the estimated rates with the provided yields are close to the rates. You can check the ODDFPRICE formula to give you assistance.

As you notice, learning the function in Excel can have powerful effect in your business flow. You stay organized and perform essential business tasks related to it. It is a great toll for everyone. For more of the Excel functions you can browse Microsoft sites to find out more about this.

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