Oct2Dec Excel Formula

Hexadecimals base 16, decimals base 10, octal base 8, and the binary base 2 are just the most commonly use numeral systems in computing and engineering. Thus, Excel also has provided to convert the numeric values to and from each of the systems. Excel Oct2Dec functions convert the octal base 8 number in the decimal number. And format is as follow:


= Oct2Dec (number)

Where the number arguments are the octal number which is to be converted in the decimal


You have to remember that the supplied NUMBER arguments should not be over or more than ten characters or 40 bits long. The most essential bit of the value denotes the signs of the number as well as the remaining 39 bits denote the magnitude. The negative numbers are being represented with the use of two complement notation.

Oct2Dec Function Examples:

Here are the following spreadsheets that show samples of Excel Oct2Dec function. The forma of this function is being shown in the sheet on the left and results are shown in the right spreadsheet.


=OCT2DEC (“10”)                        Results is: 1*8 + 0

=OCT2DEC (“22”)                        Results is: 2*8 + 2

=OCT2DEC (“0000000010”)   Results is: 1*8 + 0

=OCT2DEC (“7777777770”)   Results is: -8^9 + 7*8^8 + 7*8^7 + … + 7*8 + 0

=OCT2DEC (“355”)                      Results is: 3*8^2 + 5*8 + 5

Keep in mind that in the above mentioned example of spreadsheet, the negative octal in the first example is represented by the two complement notation. You can find further information about these, in the Microsoft websites.

Common Errors:

If you are to get an error from the Excel Oct2Dec function, it is likely to be one of the following:

  • #NUM! – It takes place when the supplied NUMBER argument is not identified as the octal number, or it contains more than ten characters
  • #NAME? – It happens when the Analysis Tool Pak adds on is not facilitated in Excel. You have to allow the add-on if you like to make use of Excel engineering functions.

For you to do this in Excel 2003, you have to do the following:

  • From the Tools drop down menu, you have to choose the option Analysis Tool Pak and then click OK.
  • An add-on window will pop out and from here, you need to choose the option Analysis Tool Pal and then click OK

For you to do this in Excel 2007, you have to do the following:

  • Click Microsoft button just on top of the left spreadsheet and then choose Excel Options button
  • From Menu, select Add on located at the left hand side
  • An Add-on window will pop out. From here, you have to choose option Analysis Tool Pak and then click OK

These are the important things that you can achieve to create Oct2Dec function in Excel. There are several tutorials that you can come across online through the various Microsoft site. You can browse online and find out more about Oct2Dec functions. Besides, you can also look for additional formulas to make use of.

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